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We’re a gathering of industry practitioners, academic researchers, consultants and other professionals who are dedicated to addressing the problem of information overload, an ongoing crisis that diminishes productivity and quality of life among knowledge workers worldwide.

IORG welcomes all those who seek – and who seek to share – research, data, ideas and solutions to help reduce the impact of this widespread and growing problem. Read More

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Information Overload Awareness Day 2015 to be held on October 20th!

Information Overload Awareness Day 2015 is a workplace observance, now in its eighth year, that calls attention to the problem of information overload and how it impacts both individuals and organizations. There is a free Webinar being held on Tuesday, Oct. 20, 11:00 am EST. Register now !!!

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The Tower of Babel of Digital Communication I: Attention and Recognition

Source: Medium

Author: Oded Avital

... it is essential for us to further understand the problem and why current solutions fail to address the issue in its entirety. The first two steps of effective email communication involve: 1) sending a message to a platform that receivers are paying attention to and 2) getting the receiver to recognize and open that message. Each one of these levels has its own specific challenge.  [...]


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We welcome all those who seek—and seek to share—helpful data and ideas, including researchers, business leaders, industry practitioners, academics, consultants, solution providers, and concerned individuals. If you share our passion, you belong with us!

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The Tower of Babel of Digital Communication I: Attention and Recognition

Part I of a series of posts about the causes of failed computer mediated communication.

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