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Alfonso Aranda Arias Bio

Alfonso Aranda Arias

Head of Global Data Center Operations at IBM

I have always been interested in the subject of information overload, and in the dimensions of information: volume, speed, meaning, relevance, cognitive cost and emotional impact. My interest stems from the need of continually getting more productive, and of making others more productive.

In addition, the nature of my field of practice (mission critical operations) is such that it greatly depends on humans making the right decisions in a context of deluge of information (alarms, communications, reports, drawings, diagrams and manuals, procedures, etc.), likelihood of error, gravity of impact, urge for action and shortage of time.

Every professional nowadays is a knowledge worker, and “executive” as defined by Peter Drucker, thus the mastery of dealing with information and creating, transforming and exchanging information is a core competency that needs to be mastered. And that starts with being able to set oneself free from suffering information overload and with not producing information overload on others.

I currently lead the Global Data Center operations function at IBM Corporate Real Estate Strategy and Operations. Some of my prior positions in the company include: Head of Real Estate Strategy and Operations for Spain, Israel and Portugal and Head of Data Center Operations Europe, Middle East and Africa.

Between 2012 and 2014 I worked as a senior consultant at Uptime Institute, performing professional services missions as well as data center infrastructure Tier Topology and Operational Sustainability Certifications. I also served as an instructor for the Accredited Tier Specialist course.

My work in the mission critical area over the years includes design and engineering of data center facilities, project and program management for major data center facility infrastructure developments, portfolio management of critical corporate real estate and management of data center operations.

My career has always been connected to data centers and project and energy management, from technical through senior leadership roles in corporations operating in the IT and telecommunications sectors.


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