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Marc Powell

Steering Team Member, IORG
Founder and Managing Director, Emailogic

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Marc is founder and Managing Director of Emailogic – a consultancy and training company that specializes in changing organizational email cultures. His background spans Psychology, Information Technology, HR and Theatre. Originally he trained as an engineer, then as a professional actor after which he acted for 6 years. Since then and for the last 25 years he has been helping businesses use technology more effectively through changing human behaviors.

His passion and work is all about empowering organizations to move forwards with new ways of gaining time, improving well-being and increasing productivity.

He challenges business people’s beliefs around how to make virtual communication and relationships really successful. He empowers them to change and behave in different ways that bring about measured personal benefits, as well as for their colleagues, teams and organisations. And he saves them 16 days every year!

In 1998 he was involved in a research study which scoped the ‘group working market’ and was funded by 25 major IT vendors including IBM, Microsoft, BT, Cable and Wireless and Hewlett Packard. The results proved compelling.

HR departments in many businesses were having little or no input into IT strategy, overlooking the human aspects of email use. This meant that staff were not skilled in the effective use of the medium of email. As a result, overload, stress, wasted time and poor working relationships were snowballing.

Assisted by several top human behavioural training specialists, he designed a training solution for implementing complete email best practice throughout an organisation, regardless of size, sophistication or market sector. The solution’s success has since been proven time and time again for over 18 years being delivered in over 700 organisations throughout the world in five languages and winning several awards.

From senior staff in major banks, to command teams in the police, to academics in the top universities he has helped to change behaviours, reduce stress and given people back huge amounts of time that would otherwise have been spent dealing with unnecessary emails.

In 2015 Marc worked closely with a major group of London hospitals and conducted an academic study to assess whether email training improves staff well-being and productivity. The results showed clearly that those busy senior managers who attended email training improved their focus, well-being and ability to meet the goals of the organisation – they also reduced their stress and anxiety – and saved over half an hour every day.

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