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About IORG

Who we are:

We are a group of researchers, practitioners and technologists from academia, corporations, solution vendors and consultancies.  We are dedicated to reducing information overload, a problem that diminishes the productivity and quality of life of knowledge workers worldwide.  Our diverse set of members and single focus provide thought leadership and access to cutting-edge solutions and ideas, promote collaboration between industry and academia, and help shape the science of combating information overload.

Our mission:

IORG brings together research, solutions, and people to help reduce the impact of information overload.

IORG achieves this purpose by:

  • Seeking to understand the effects of information overload in society—including for-profit, not-for-profit, and government institutions.

  • Facilitating conversations, collaboration and networking among people worldwide who experience information overload, who study the people who experience it, and who are developing solutions—formal and informal—to address the problem.

  • Educating organizations and individuals about the economic and social costs of information overload, and cost-effective countermeasures.

  • Spreading research-based solutions, including best practices and technologies.

Who we’re for:

We welcome as members those who seek—and seek to share—helpful data and ideas, including researchers, business leaders, industry practitioners, academics, consultants, solution providers, and concerned individuals.

Some key points about us:

  • We span boundaries. We have members from academia, large and small companies, and consultancies; from diverse corners of the world; and with different approaches, interests and perspectives.

  • We are ultimately interested in solving the problem; in finding real solutions that can be applied in real organizations.

  • We launched our collaboration in January 2007, in a two-day workshop held at Redmond, Wash. This went so well that we all decided to form an ongoing interest group – the IORG, which was incorporated in June 2008 as an Oregon nonprofit corporation.

Board & Officers

We are a group of researchers, practitioners and technologists from academia, corporations, solution vendors and consultancies. Meet the Board »

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