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Reducing Information Pollution

About IORG

Who we are:

We are a group of researchers, practitioners and technologists from academia, corporations, solution vendors and consultancies.  We are dedicated to reducing information overload, a problem that diminishes the productivity and quality of life of knowledge workers worldwide.  Our diverse set of members and single focus provide thought leadership and access to cutting-edge solutions and ideas, promote collaboration between industry and academia, and help shape the science of combating information overload.

Our mission:

IORG brings together research, solutions, and people to help reduce the impact of information overload.

IORG achieves this purpose by:

  • Seeking to understand the effects of information overload in society—including for-profit, not-for-profit, and government institutions.

  • Facilitating conversations, collaboration and networking among people worldwide who experience information overload, who study the people who experience it, and who are developing solutions—formal and informal—to address the problem.

  • Educating organizations and individuals about the economic and social costs of information overload, and cost-effective countermeasures.

  • Spreading research-based solutions, including best practices and technologies.

Who we’re for:

We welcome as members those who seek—and seek to share—helpful data and ideas, including researchers, business leaders, industry practitioners, academics, consultants, solution providers, and concerned individuals.

Some key points about us:

  • We span boundaries. We have members from academia, large and small companies, and consultancies; from diverse corners of the world; and with different approaches, interests and perspectives.

  • We are ultimately interested in solving the problem; in finding real solutions that can be applied in real organizations.

  • We launched our collaboration in January 2007, in a two-day workshop held at Redmond, Wash. This went so well that we all decided to form an ongoing interest group – the IORG, which was incorporated in June 2008 as an Oregon nonprofit corporation.

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Information Overload Day 2014 on Oct 21
Oct. 8, 2014

“Tame the Overload” is the theme of Information Overload Day on Oct. 21. This year’s event includes a free 90-minute webinar at 11 a.m. EDT featuring speakers from Microsoft, Yahoo, and Knowmail, and hosted by Jonathan Spira, one of the leading experts in the field and author of “Overload! How Too Much Information Is Hazardous […]

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