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Released February 3, 2011

Information Overload Research Group takes aim at data deluge in 2011
 Non-profit seeks to conquer information overload, restore sanity to knowledge workers worldwide

As the newness of a new year slips away and office workers shift from get-organized resolutions to rat-race habits, the growing plague of information overload – a problem that diminishes productivity and quality of life worldwide – faces an updated and re-energized foe this year in the Information Overload Research Group.

IORG, a non-profit organization of industry practitioners, researchers, consultants and other professionals who are dedicated to addressing the problem of information overload, is welcoming 2011 with new tactics and an updated Web site at The new site features research resources, an ongoing blog on IO topics, and an open invitation for interested people to join the group, share information and get involved.

According to IORG cofounder and president Nathan Zeldes, information overload – which goes beyond excessive e-mail to encompass social media habits, work interruptions, new gadgetry, Internet search results and more – has been a problem for years. But a real understanding of its vast dimensions and negative effects has been on the rise only recently.

“Information overload has been making knowledge workers ineffective and miserable since the mid ’90s,” says Zeldes, “but until a couple of years ago, most organizations had been in denial about it. Now, at long last, we’re seeing interest, solutions, literature and a determination to do something about this problem.”

According to research published by Basex, a knowledge economy research firm and IORG member, information overload cost the U.S. economy at least $997 billion per year in reduced productivity and innovation as of 2010, reflecting a loss of 25% of the working day for most knowledge workers.

IORG’s Web-based Resource Center will be at the core of IORG’s efforts, offering central access and links to a broad variety of articles, scholarly papers and blog postings on the subject. Zeldes notes, “I expect 2011 to be a very interesting year in the battle to restore sanity to the knowledge workforce. IORG will be fighting hard, and I invite anyone who shares our passion to join IORG and play a role.”
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