Reducing Information Pollution

Fighting info overload

Source: Kokomo Tribune
Author: Steve Mullen Kokomo
Date: 07/08/2016
Excerpt: You, dear reader, are my favorite person in the world. I mean, look at how well you read that last sentence. Awesome! Few people on the planet can read as well as you do. Maybe someone can go faster, but they’re not as … wordly. You know what they say, reading’s all in the eyes. Well, I assume other people have said that. Statistically, it’s had to have happened at some point, right? There are roughly 1.025 million words in the English language. What are the odds that someone else would repeat the same five? Sure there may be a quintillion or so combinations of 5-word phrases, but when you consider grammar, structure and context, we can cut that down a bit. I’m guessing 4 to 40 people have said it this year alone.
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