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Google Wave: go see the movie!

May 31, 2009 | Posted By Nathan Zeldes

On may 28th Google unveiled its next big product, Google Wave, in a detailed preview demo at Google I/O Developer conference. The demo is available in video at . Go forth and watch it; if you have any interest in info overload, it’s well worth your time.

Wave represents a serious paradigm shift in the way people collaborate remotely. It merges the roles of email, IM, shared document editing, wikis, and more into a single dynamic hosted entity called a Wave, which is “equal parts conversation and document“.

It has to be seen to be understood. Go see it. Then start speculating, as I do, how this will impact communications in large enterprises, which are not agile in embracing new tools, yet have so much to gain from the availability of such an innovative tool…


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