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April 2, 2018 | Posted By dedenzani

It’s been a while I’m not using e-mails, 5 years since July 2013 and even before I started gladly advocating different forms of collaboration to avoid overused channels.

That’s where I got to meet IORG, Nathan Zeldes and all great professionals and researchers that with me share the same disappointment around the way we naturally ended up communicating between each other.

I feel the main driver of it, is a lack of education from our institutions and corporates. Nobody told us that mobile phone notifications were addictive and that our internal chemical reactions (see dopamine) is playing with us in a way that keeps us there, waiting for the next stimulus to come.

We end up looking at our inbox in average more than 70 times a day, holding our mobile phones in our hands while we are having conversations and keep checking them while we are back at home with our families and kids. Then social networks came into the picture giving us many more options to keep being anxious and distracted.

How can we get out of that addictive loop, how can we avoid distractions during our days, what are the best hints, tips and methodologies?

Nobody knows for sure, there are many suggestions, many good habits and practices and each one of IORG members has their own favorite. You will be able to get them all in the coming months.

In April I’ll share my personal observations and ideas, wishing my experience to be helpful to many of you dear readers and watchers.

I chose to dedicate the month of April to live videos, that I’ll publish into the IORG Youtube channel

Live, unedited monologues of myself going through different topics.

Live because it’s more transparent, it’s more personal and genuine. I’m not a researcher, I’m a communication professional that works in a big corporation so what you will see in #LeleIORGMonth are my thoughts and intuitions after several years of love for collaboration.

Each week of April 2018 will have its chapter in chronological order:

  1. e-mail (because unfortunately it’s still the most used channel around)
  2. conversation (because if we learn back the importance of it there will be much less overload)
  3. mindfulness (because I believe it brings the best practices to gain back the control of our information flow)
  4. open business (because it’s a better way to collaborate all together and it’s not easy to do it as it looks)

Looking forward to share and please make sure to tune here for the live broadcast

or here below you will be able day by day to see the playlist growing.

Enjoy and thank you!

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