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The impact of email productivity training – Academic Research

June 22, 2018 | Posted By Emailogic123

Recently at Emailogic we had the opportunity to take part in an academic study to have email training tested for its  effectiveness on productivity and well-being.

Busy senior service managers at Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust in London UK all agreed that email overload was an issue needing attention.

100 of these senior managers attended an email best practice training course.

An independent academic research study was run alongside the training to measure the subsequent impact on the manager’s well-being and productivity. The study was conducted by an independent expert who specialises in well-being and productivity – Dr Bridget Juniper.

The study showed that after training the managers were statistically signifcantly:
– More focused, less distracted
– Working more effectively under pressure
– Improved well-being

They also saved 31.1 minutes every day reading, writing and managing emails.

“Email productivity training has had a significant, positive impact on managers’ performance and productivity. Better decisions and less stress will result in better care for our patients”.
Staynton Brown, Associate Director Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust – Click here to watch a video of Staynton Brown talking about the results.

Interestingly two control groups were included in the study. One was sent written email best practice guidelines but had no training. The second control group received no guidelines or training. The study results showed clearly that both control groups showed little or no change.

Managing email overload is becoming increasingly a problem for businesses of all shapes and sizes and the research is a real insight into how it can improve and make a real difference when it is addresses fully and with a solid strategy.


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