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Register for Information Overload Day 2018 Webinar

October 4, 2018 | Posted By Michael Einstein

Information Overload Day 2018

An online event of Science, Stories, and Solutions for Managing Information Overload

For this year’s “Information Overload Day” on October 23rd, the Information Overload Research Group is sponsoring an online Webinar featuring speakers that are focusing on the specialized topics of “Cognitive Science, Addiction, and Information Overload”.

Click the “Register Now” button to Register for this event!!

Register for Information Overload Day 2018


Current Topics and Presenters:

  • Introductions to the Sessions – Nathan Zeldes, President IORG and Founder of Nathan Zeldes Consulting
  • Information Overload 101 – Jonathan Spira, Founding Board Member of IORG and Sr. Managing Director of Accura Media Group
  • Neuroscience and the Problem of Information Overload – Anne McGhee Stinson, Managing Partner & Director of Practice, EffectiveEdge
  • Bringing Big Data to Life; Adding the Behavioral Perspective – Dr. Liraz Margalit  – Head of Behavioral Research, Clicktale
  • Addiction and Information Overload  – Dr. Monica Seeley, Marc Powell and Jackie Crince Le Roy
  • Concluding Remarks – Jonathan Spira and Nathan Zeldes

The Information Overload Research Group (IORG) is excited to bring a valuable webinar where renowned experts and speakers offer fresh insights on the science, stories, and solutions for managing information overload.

Webinar Details:

Who is this for: Managers, Researchers, Entrepreneurs, CEOs, or anyone looking to better manage information overload.

When: October 23rd, 2018, 10:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m EDT.

Where: Online Webinar (webinar details to be provided after you Register)

Price: Although there is no cost to attend the Webinar, we are asking attendees to please consider choosing a “donation” or “sponsor” ticket type.  We are a non-profit organization and only through your support can continue to bring you events like this.

Registration Link:    Register for the Information Overload Day 2018 Webinar on Eventbrite

Webinar Sponsors:

This year’s Information Overload Day Webinar is being sponsored by Knowmail:

We’ve heard you hate email, so we fixed it!

Personalized artificial intelligence to help you focus on things that matter most, do more with less effort, and balance work and life. Knowmail – Artificial Intelligence based Email Solution!

Information Overload Day 2018 to be held October 23, 2018

September 2, 2018 | Posted By Michael Einstein


Our annual “Information Overload Day” will be held  on October 23, 2018.

The focus topics for this year’s events are neuroscience, addiction and information overload.

We are still finalizing details and agenda, and will be publishing more information shortly.

If you wish to give a talk or recommend some one, please send a brief description to Nathan Zeldes

We look forward to your suggestions.

Nathan Zeldes, President IORG

Can Storage Architecture Mimic your Mental Folksonomy?

July 26, 2018 | Posted By mbaloney

Our search of gathered and stored content in our digital storage devices may be aided by secondary keys; yet the basic architecture is rows and columns unless you have a semantic storage system.

The advent of knowledge graphs (commercially available)  can transform your storage taxonomy into a folksonomy–saving time and overload of retrieved contents. Pruning our retrieval hits from external and internal searches should help reduce our information overload.


Focus on Important, Not Urgent Tasks to Reduce IO

July 19, 2018 | Posted By mbaloney

We tend to focus or prioritize our time on URGENT tasks without necessarily considering the importance of each task.

A variety of individuals have offered suggestions to reduce this bias.

Alice Boyes in a Harvard Business Review article proposed prioritizing tasks in consideration of your longer-term goals or “big picture.”

The Eisenhower Approach provides a 4 quadrant matrix for classifying your tasks.

Martha Beck in the Oprah Magazine adds helpful steps for adopting this process.

Hopefully, a focus on important tasks will reduce the amount of information required to complete your task list.

I however, found one missing element–an unimportant, but urgent task may have a deadline set by your boss that cannot be postponed.

Nonetheless, this proposal is worth your consideration.


Potential Guidance for Reducing FOMO–>IO

July 12, 2018 | Posted By mbaloney

As shared last week, FOMO can lead to addictive checking of all your social and work media channels resulting in increased stress and decreased productivity.

Dr. Axe provides a five-step process for decreasing cell phone addiction. Could also be applicable to e-mail inbox addiction.

Real-time messaging certainly has some benefits, e.g., alerts for traffic congestion, a loved one in trouble, a client’s critical complaint.

Human bandwidth, however, is a limited resource. Thus, some combination of message prioritization and behavior modification is needed to regain control of our lives from magnetic FOMO.

IORG’s October 23, 2018 IO Day program will address this FOMO attraction-avoidance dilemma.

Stay tunes for forthcoming announcement details.


Artificial Intelligence & Information Overload

July 11, 2018 | Posted By Eran Abramson

The following is an excerpt written by Yury Gubman, Knowmail’s Head of AI, from a recent IORG interview between Emanuele Terenzani (Lele), Yury, and myself about the need to use Artificial Intelligence to solve Information Overload. Read more…


July 5, 2018 | Posted By mbaloney

FOMO or Fear of Missing Out has become a national disease that impacts our personal and work lives.

Addiction to frequently checking our e-mail, Twitter, Instagram, etc. accounts singularly or overall diminishes time spent on work tasks and family activities.

Aysel Safarova @ has an interesting blog post (3/17) discussing the impact of FOMO on worker productivity.

If you in the FOMO camp, this post may help you.


Overload from the leaders?

June 25, 2018 | Posted By Emailogic123

The relationship of Email upon leaders

Have you ever stopped to think about the impact that Managers’ emails have on the workforce?

Emails sent by senior staff can inspire, engage and motivate.

Read more…

The impact of email productivity training – Academic Research

June 22, 2018 | Posted By Emailogic123

Recently at Emailogic we had the opportunity to take part in an academic study to have email training tested for its  effectiveness on productivity and well-being.

Busy senior service managers at Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust in London UK all agreed that email overload was an issue needing attention.

100 of these senior managers attended an email best practice training course.

Read more…

Overloading our health?

June 19, 2018 | Posted By Emailogic123


Is your reliance on email affecting your health? 

The US technology consultant Linda Stone has discovered that many of us unconsciously hold our breath, or breathe shallowly while responding to emails – a habit that can compound stress.

This can then add fuel to a host of other symptoms such as asthma, depression and obesity.

Read more…

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Register for Information Overload Day 2018 Webinar
Oct. 4, 2018

Information Overload Day 2018 An online event of Science, Stories, and Solutions for Managing Information Overload For this year’s “Information Overload Day” on October 23rd, the Information Overload Research Group is sponsoring an online Webinar featuring speakers that are focusing on the specialized topics of “Cognitive Science, Addiction, and Information Overload”. Click the “Register Now” button to […]

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