Stomp the overload

Oct 21

Help celebrate Information Overload Day

Did you know that over 25% of your work week is sucked away by distractions, email, and over-information? What would you do if you had that time back? On October 21, 2013, we take a pause to mark the annual Information Overload Day, and seek solutions that will bring back that productivity. What will YOU do to mark this occasion?

Brought to you by

Brought to you by the Information Overload Research Group


Personal strategies

Here are some ideas to start reducing your personal information overload—and you can devise your own! Be sure to identify one or two changes relevant to your situation and apply them relentlessly.

Also, help spread the word about Information Overload Day 2013 to others to raise awareness. Tweet about IO Day 2013, spread the word!

Your Team

Start a discussion at work

Set up a time to talk with your team about becoming more effective and overcoming information overload. Make a stand and implement a change that will make them more effective and happier.

You can modify and use this presentation to start, or craft your own. Tell us about it below!


Attend our webinar about information overload

Watch the webinar that we held for the day, included below, featuring the following great speakers:

  • Dr. Sheizaf Rafaeli, University of Haifa, giving a presentation entitled "Don't bother my interruption: the surprising side of multitasking"
  • Dmitri Leonov of Sanebox and Shawn Carolan of Handle, leading a panel discussion on email overload


Remember, on Oct. 21, we all make a stand and adopt a change that will reduce Information Overload!