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Welcome to the IORG Members’ Area. This is the password-protected area of the site where we will be building a database of content that will be available only for paying members of IORG.

As a first step and with thanks to Basex, we are pleased to offer the following three Basex reports. Click on the report image to find out more and download:

Intel’s War on Information Overload

Information Overload: We Have Met The Enemy And He Is Us

The Cost Of Not Paying Attention

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Archived Chat: How Do I Help Students Handle Information Overload on Social Media Sites?
Apr. 5, 2010

Source: Poynter.orgAuthor: Mallary Jean TenoreDate: June 18, 2009 How do you help students strike a balance between wanting to feel connected, but not overly distracted by flurries of Tweets, Facebook status updates, links distributed on social media sites, etc.? Poynter’s Sara Quinn and 2009 University of Miami graduate Greg Linch answered this question and others […]

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