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I am a full-time business technology professional for a large multi-national pharmaceutical corporation and have worked for several large firms across multiple industries in roles that blend business processes and technology solutions. I am also an Adjunct Professor of Business for the MBA Program of Wilmington University.

My key business experience is in the areas of Procurement Systems and Tools, Strategic Sourcing Strategies, Financial Controls, Process Improvements, Contracting & Negotiations, Corporate Compliance, Software Development, Project Management, Training, and Change Management.

Having worked with Email from its infancy as a simple communication tool utilized across mainframe computers, to its place as the dominant mode of business communication today, I am very passionate in understanding the sources, impacts, and solutions to information and email overload.   My specific areas of interest include Email Training Design, Media Competencies, Interruption Research, Multi-tasking, Stress, and Cognitive Processing of Knowledge Workers.

I hold an undergraduate degree (BS) in Computer Science, a graduate degree (MBA) in Information Technology, and a Doctorate (DBA) in Business. My doctoral dissertation was on the intersection of Email processing skills, Email overload, and technology training. As part of my doctoral research, I developed and delivered a targeted E-mail improvement training program to corporate workers across multiple locations and countries.

My personal interests include photography, hiking, jogging, reading, dining out, working on my website, and (occasionally) relaxing on a beach somewhere!

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