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Monica Seeley

Founder, Mesmo Consultancy

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Dr Monica Seeley, founder of Mesmo Consultancy is an international expert on email best practice and especially how to reduce email overload.  Monica helps organisations and individuals to manage their use of email more effectively to improve business and personal performance, communications and well-being.

Monica is a Visiting Fellow at Sir John Cass Business School, City University and Bournemouth University Business School.

The media frequently seeks her opinion on the effective strategic use of electronic communications and especially email.  She contributes to BBC programmes and the Financial Times and has a her own blog page on

She has written several books and many articles on email best practice. She is author of Brilliant Email and Taking Control of Your Inbox.  As the ‘Emaildoctor’ on Twitter – Monica posts regular tips on smart email management and her Brilliant Email Facebook site contains a wealth of resources.

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