Reducing Information Pollution

Arianna Huffington And Evan Williams Get Real About Information Overload

Source: Huffington Post
Author: Ana Almendrala
Date: 03/11/2016
Excerpt: SAN DIEGO — Americans are struggling with information overload and the hidden costs of being perpetually “plugged in.” And there’s perhaps no one who feels this most acutely than the people who helped create the current tech and media ecosystem. Dave Pell, a “news-obsessed” media curator who trawls dozens of sites every morning to deliver the most fascinating news of the day, is one of them. At the inaugural Near Future Summit in La Jolla, California on Wednesday, Pell wondered aloud whether knowing “all this stuff” is worth it compared to the real-life moments he misses out on when he glances at his phone. He shared the stage and a bit of this paradox with The Huffington Post’s editor-in-chief Arianna Huffington and Evan Williams, who founded influential and popular publishing platforms like Blogger, Twitter and Medium.
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