Reducing Information Pollution

‘God, Me and a Cup of Tea’: Information overload

Source: Indiana Gazette
Author: Michele Huey
Date: 07/23/2016
Excerpt: Extra tea: Read and meditate on Luke 9:1–6 -- “Don’t load yourselves up with equipment. Keep it simple.” — Jesus to His disciples, as quoted in Luke 9:3 (The Message) I often wonder if technology, instead of making life easier and better, has made it more complicated and stressful. I grew up during the B.T. Age — Before Technology. I didn’t need to know the up-to-the-second weather forecast. Back then we didn’t have instant access to Doppler radar and cellphones and internet. If we wanted to know what the weather would be, we had our radio, which sat atop the refrigerator; Eleanor Schano and Bob Kudzma of Channel 4 and Channel 2, respectively; and my mother’s hands and feet, which ached when there was weather moving in. Or we simply looked out a window.
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