Reducing Information Pollution

How Twitter plans to save you from information overload

Source: Washington Post
Author: Caitlin Dewey
Date: 10/06/2015
Excerpt: If you’ve ever found Twitter too overwhelming for regular use, you might want to give it another try: The social network’s trying really, really hard to accommodate frazzled users like you. On Tuesday, Twitter revealed the latest attempt to tame its fire hose: It’s a people-curated feature called “Moments,” which will let some publishers (including The Post) gather tweets around news and “cultural” events and publish them as collections. Instead of having to sift through hundreds of tweets or dig into hashtags to understand breaking news, Twitter users will only have to click into stories on Twitter’s “Moments” tab to see the most important, human-curated tweets and Vines. Non-users can view Moments, too, both at and embedded on outside sites. Observe Marutaro, the best hedgehog online.
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