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OneVuex – An Ingenious New Software Technology Giving US Companies a Competitive Edge

Source: Benzinga
Date: 03/21/2016
Excerpt: In today's economy, every company is seeking better ways to be more competitive and cost effective to generate financial growth. But ever since the decline of the industrial age and the birth of the digital age, The United States has struggled for market share due to competition with foreign, highly educated, low wage workforces which has stifled growth, innovation and product development. Bass International Software, LLC in collaboration with Microsoft has developed an ingenious new software technology, OneVuex Unified Systems that helps tackle these and other issues. OneVuex integrates existing technology and streamlines business processes, creating greater efficiencies at a lower cost, providing vital competitive advantages. But how? Bass International Software discovered that most existing and new software systems originate from a common, fundamental source and was able to develop a unique, proprietary code that unifies most industry standard applications, cloud infrastructure services and platforms into one complete solution
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