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Users for Sale: Has Digital Illiteracy Turned Us Into Social Commodities?

Source: Mashable
Author: Matt Silverman
Date: 06/30/2016
Excerpt: The web-based email, chat and message boards that came online in the '90s were poised to revolutionize interpersonal communication. Then companies tried to monetize the Internet. "The dot com boom failed because people didn't want to buy shit online. They were just talking to each other," said Douglas Rushkoff in a recent keynote speech at the WebVisions conference in Portland. "Content was never king. Contact was always king." Today, the dorm room experiments of the digital generation have become billion dollar corporations. We've finally figured out how to monetize social interaction, and Rushkoff, an award-winning author and media theorist who writes and speaks regularly on these topics, has reservations.
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