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Overloaded 2017 – Webinar Replay now Available !

IORG, in celebration of Information Overload Day, recently hosted “Overloaded 2017 – An online event of Science, Stories, and Solutions for Managing Information Overload.

The entire event has been recorded for your viewing pleasure! Enjoy!

Here is a list of the presenters:

  • Jonathan Spira – IORG Director and IO author and researcher.
    “What are your pain points with Information Overload?”
  • Nathan Zeldes – IORG president and global productivity expert.
    “Welcome to Overloaded 2017″
  • Steuart Snooks –  Email author, speaker and consultant.
    “Three Strategies for Managing Overload”
  • Dr. Lawrence Ampofo – Digital strategist and consultant.
    “Corporate Digital Responsiblity in the age of Information Overload”
  • Marc Powell – Emailogic – Email and Productivity Training.
    “Audience Discussion via ZOOM Chat”
  • Haim Senior – Knowmail – CEO
    “Personalized fix Information Overload at Work”
  • Lele Terenzani – IBM
    “Time for doing some live IO evangelism”
  • Dan Calista – Vynamic – CEO and Founder
    & Erica Keswin
     – Founder, Spaghetti Project
    “A fireside chat with Dan Calista” – Interview by Erica
  • Dr. Monica Seeley – Mesmo Consultancy – Email Expert
    “Conclusion: What have we learned?”
  • Jonathan Spira – IORG Director and IO author and researcher.
    “Wrap-Up and Thank You!”
Excerpt: IORG, in celebration of Information Overload Day, recently hosted "Overloaded 2017 - An online event of Science, Stories, and Solutions for Managing Information Overload" that brought together interesting and diverse thinkers to share their views and research. Watch the Webinar Replay!

Recent Additions

How to beat email overload in 2018

Source: CIP HR site
Author: Barry
Date: 01/16/2018
Excerpt: It’s easy to spend a large portion of your working day just trying to make a dent in your email backlog, to the detriment of other, often more pressing, priorities. With the average worker spending 13 hours a week dealing with emails, businesses are potentially losing up to 28% of work time to email admin. Here are four strategies that might help you to reduce this burden, improve productivity and streamline internal communication.
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Task errors by emergency physicians are associated with interruptions, multitasking, fatigue and working memory capacity: a prospective, direct observation study

Source: BMJ Journals
Author: Johanna I Westbrook, Magdalena Z Raban, Scott R Walter, Heather Douglas
Date: 01/20/2018
Excerpt: Interruptions, multitasking and poor sleep were associated with significantly increased rates of prescribing errors among emergency physicians. WMC mitigated the negative influence of these factors to an extent. These results confirm experimental findings in other fields and raise questions about the acceptability of the high rates of multitasking and interruption in clinical environments.

Emails are Not Dead, but Need to Evolve: How to Make Your Business Communication Productive

Source: SaneBox blog
Author: SaneBox Team
Date: 01/10/2018
Excerpt: Let’s face it: there are many unsolved challenges in today’s business communication. But luckily, there are many ways and tools to keep it productive and organized as well. In this article, we’ve put together the most reliable approaches to avoid plunging into talkative chaos at work.
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Information Overload Exhausting Americans

Source: US News web site
Author: Sintia Radu
Date: 01/30/2018
Excerpt: Yet despite such optimistic views, trust in the media is still low (at 27 percent for newspapers according to the report) and new research that surveyed 19,000 American adults age 18 and older shows that people struggle with navigating through the abundance of information.

Productivity 2018 gut check – our employers won’t solve this problem. It’s on us.

Source: Diginomica web site
Author: Jon Reed
Date: 01/12/2018
Excerpt: Overloaded inboxes can wait – it’s time for my productivity gut check for 2018. Here’s why we shouldn’t wait for our employers to seize the day, and why the digital skills gap factors in.

What Can We Do About our Teens’ Smartphone Addiction?

Source: Nathan Zeldes web site
Author: Nathan Zeldes
Date: 12/30/2017
Excerpt: And now we hear of a study done in the US that links the alarming rise in teenage suicide and depression (we’re talking doubling rates between 2007 and 2015, for girls) – and the rise in Smartphone and social media use in the same period. Gen Z kids spend hours and hours on their smartphones – connected but physically alone. Evolution never planned for such a change to happen in less than a generation’s time. The outcome shows up in the research data: Teens who spend more time than average on screen activities are more likely to be unhappy, and those who spend more time than average on non-screen activities are more likely to be happy.
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