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Information Overload TNG: Our Next Generation Solution Set

April 5, 2010 | Posted By

Source: IT@Intel Blog
Author: Nathan Zeldes
Date: April 10, 2007

A while back I wrote about our “First
Generation” solutions
to Infomania:
those based on
training people to adopt voluntary behavior change. And I told you that
our experience is that their effect always lasts a year or two and then
diminishes as people come and go and memories fade; then you re-launch
the training to gain another year, and so on… Admittedly these programs
are inexpensive to run, so this is acceptable; still, last year I
finally got tired of this repetition and decided to try and devise
something completely different – solutions that would be less voluntary
and more aggressive in stopping the barrage of email and interruptions.
These are now being developed for deployment later this year.


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