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New IORG Webcast: Digital and Collaborative Agility

In this IORG Webcast, Marc Powell and Dr. Monica Seeley discuss “Digital and Collaborative Agility”. They discuss notifications, our everyday stream of continuous beeps and information, and the impact of these into our Information Overload. In this conversation we cover: 1.Overview – the big picture of the digital collaborative space (email, collaborative tools, social media,) 2. How to start reducing […]

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Productivity is more than Efficiency

   The Productivity Project by Chris Bailey  (2016) proposes that Productivity is a composite function of : attention, energy and time. Managing these carefully will enable working deliberately with intention all day. Working smarter in our Knowledge Economy prioritizes attention and energy over time. He recommends focusing on the most important and urgent tasks (ala Eisenhower 2X2 Matrix)–even to the […]

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Passing the baton

Nathan Zeldes here – taking over from Michael Einstein as the month’s owner of IORG’s social media in December. Any comments and input are welcome – use the contact form on our site,

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Managing information overload in children

Resource Author:  Carolyne B. Atangaza
Resource Date:  2019-12-14
Resource Name:  Daily Monitor
URL:   Link to Source Article or Site

This short article has some thought provoking assertions about the impact of abundant unfiltered content on young children, like “What makes tablets and iPhones so great is the dozens of stimuli at your fingertips, and the ability to process multiple actions simultaneously. This is exactly what young brains do not need.”

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Smartphones and our information overload

Resource Author:  CBS
Resource Date:  2018-04-01
Resource Name:  CBS News
URL:   Link to Source Article or Site

The internet, and the ever-present smartphones from which we cannot detach ourselves, are changing the ways we relate to technology – and, at the same time, changing the way we use our brains. Senior Contributor Ted Koppel talks with technology critic Nicholas Carr, software developer Justin Rosenstein, “media psychologist” Byron Reeves, and Sen. Mark Warner about how the internet and social media have become weaponized, and how it is our attention spans that are being targeted.

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A license to mail??

Resource Author:  Nathan Zeldes
Resource Date:  2019-02-27
Resource Name:  Nathan Zeldes's blog
URL:   Link to Source Article or Site

Email overload is not caused only by people sending too many emails… it is also exacerbated by the fact that they don’t know how to write a sensible, concise, actionable message that can be processed rapidly. This post examines the implications – notably the need for a structured process of training and certification to make sure nobody goes near the “Reply All” button before knowing what they are doing.

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IORG  has done a tremendous job to raise awareness as well as provide well researched, practical resources to address the complex issues of information overload.  They were way ahead of the game and continue to lead in this arena.

Anne McGhee-Stinson Managing Partner & Director of Practice, Effective Edge

IORG’s work is extremely relevant and impactful in an age when people regularly suffer from information overload. I regularly use their work to get the latest high-level thinking on information overload.

Dr. Lawrence Ampofo Director & Founder, Digital Mindfulness

The costs associated with information overload are too high for this problem to be seen merely as an academic rhetoric… IORG helps us to not forget that this is a problem we face every day, despite the fact that it often goes unnoticed. In that sense, IORG was, for me, a “canary in the coal mine”, an advance indicator showing the imminence of a dangerous problem.

Rui Silva Founder - 2BePro


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