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Call for IORG Steering Team Candidates

The Information Overload Research Group is seeking Candidates to expand our Leadership Team IORG’s mission is to communicate impacts of Information Overload on knowledge workers and society, and to promote potential solutions. Our activities to date have focused on holding conferences and online webinars, producing webcasts, maintaining an IORG web site and the Information Overload Resource Center, an online reference library of every […]

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New IORG Webcast: Digital and Collaborative Agility

In this IORG Webcast, Marc Powell and Dr. Monica Seeley discuss “Digital and Collaborative Agility”. They discuss notifications, our everyday stream of continuous beeps and information, and the impact of these into our Information Overload. In this conversation we cover: 1.Overview – the big picture of the digital collaborative space (email, collaborative tools, social media,) 2. How to start reducing […]

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Productivity is more than Efficiency

   The Productivity Project by Chris Bailey  (2016) proposes that Productivity is a composite function of : attention, energy and time. Managing these carefully will enable working deliberately with intention all day. Working smarter in our Knowledge Economy prioritizes attention and energy over time. He recommends focusing on the most important and urgent tasks (ala Eisenhower 2X2 Matrix)–even to the […]

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The impact of psychological occupational strains on Engineering Managers stress feeling – a test of the JDC model

Resource Author:  Thomas Rachfall, Dirk Förster-Trallo, Bruce M. Wood, Mary Maclachlan, D.K. Harrison
URL:   Link to Source Article or Site

An extensive literature review on the topic of physical and psychological strain experienced by engineering managers (EMs’) revealed a significant gap in understanding the impact of occupational strain on EMs’. This research closes the existing gap by analyzing the impact of psychological occupational strains on EMs’ stress feeling. Based on Karaseks’ Job demand – Job control model, a research project with 153 German EMs’ was conducted. Therefore, a modified version of the Copenhagen Psychosocial Questionnaire was used to identify relevant strains for EMs’ and to evaluate their impact on EMs’ stress feeling. The research found out that meaning of work, demands for hidings emotions, emotional demands as well as the possibility for development mainly affect EMs’ stress feeling. Furthermore, this contribution compares these insights with the status quo of occupational strain load for EMs’.

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Resource Author:  Soeren Dressler, Dirk Förster-Trallo, Sandra Dressler, Thomas Rachfall
URL:   Link to Source Article or Site

Online or e-tests are an important component of new digital learning approaches. E-tests enable efficient ways to facilitate the examination process and provide immediate feedback to the students. Also, with students being more and more proficient in applying e-learning methods it can be expected that e-tests are generally higher accepted by students. However, aspects such as perceived stress and negative impacts on the concentration performance of students may arise through an online test environment. In addition, the e-test situation potentially invites academic dishonesty as test results are sometimes visible to others on various monitors and not permitted web-resources might be used. Aim of the research was to improve effectiveness of university education through enhancing the examination processes in digital teaching approaches. The authors have analyzed three business courses on bachelor and master levels in which e-tests are applied. The students were asked how comfortable they feel with the test situation and how the e-test situation creates stress and potentially limits their performance. Also, students were asked to compare e-tests against traditional ways of exams. In addition to this, students were surveyed with regards to the possibilities of cheating during an e-test. As a general result, students still prefer slightly paper-based exams but accept and adapt to e-test scenarios. While undergraduate students often feel less stressed than graduate students in e-tes

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The Impact Of Psychological Occupational Strains On Engineering Managers Stress Feeling – A Test Of The ERI Model

Resource Author:  Dirk Förster-Trallo, Thomas Rachfall
URL:   Link to Source Article or Site

An extensive literature review on the topic of physical and psychological strain experienced by engineering managers revealed a significant gap in understanding the impact of occupational strain on EMs.

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IORG  has done a tremendous job to raise awareness as well as provide well researched, practical resources to address the complex issues of information overload.  They were way ahead of the game and continue to lead in this arena.

Anne McGhee-Stinson Managing Partner & Director of Practice, Effective Edge

IORG’s work is extremely relevant and impactful in an age when people regularly suffer from information overload. I regularly use their work to get the latest high-level thinking on information overload.

Dr. Lawrence Ampofo Director & Founder, Digital Mindfulness

The costs associated with information overload are too high for this problem to be seen merely as an academic rhetoric… IORG helps us to not forget that this is a problem we face every day, despite the fact that it often goes unnoticed. In that sense, IORG was, for me, a “canary in the coal mine”, an advance indicator showing the imminence of a dangerous problem.

Rui Silva Founder - 2BePro


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