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One Approach to Manage Self-Induced Information Overload

Herbert Simon (deceased) offered this insight: “Hence a wealth of information creates a poverty of attention and a need to allocate that attention efficiently among the overabundance of information sources that might consume it.” You have this power if you are disciplined. Linda Stone ( shared: “If we don’t consciously choose where we want to direct our attention, there will always […]

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Awkward Information Storage Scheme May Create IO_ Prevention Steps

Difficult information access can result in IO. A study by Teleware ( in UK of 2K employees distributed across industries, gender, age disclosed significant frustration from misplacing captured information. Impacts: 720 wasted time, 680 forgot captured information both resulting in reduced task effectiveness. Indeed 520 reported missing deadlines. Only 40% have a routine process to capture, record and retrieve desired […]

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Useless E-mail Consequences and Proposed Solutions

The Brieflab [] issues a brief report: Tuning In, Tuning Out: How Technology has become Our New Noise. From their survey of 1119 professionals, 60% stated that at least 1/2 of their emails are useless. These same persons said these e-mails were a hindrance to attention discovered that devoting more time in the day for quiet, uninterrupted activity improved productivity. […]

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“The Cost of Continuously Checking Email”

Resource Author:  Ron Friedman
Resource Date:  2014-07-04
Resource Name:  Harvard Business Review
URL:   Link to Source Article or Site

This is a quick read that emphasizes the cognitive price we pay when we’re constantly shifting our attention from one item to another.  It is a 2 min or less resource so go ahead “Do It!”


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Should You Strive for ‘Inbox Zero’?

Resource Author:  Robin Madell
Resource Date:  2019-05-23
Resource Name:  US News
URL:   Link to Source Article or Site

A critical look at the poppular “Inbox Zero” model.

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Try a Computer “Desktop Zero” To Stay Focused on Your Work

Resource Author:  Dave Greenbaum
Resource Date:  2015-02-28
Resource Name:  Lifehacker
URL:   Link to Source Article or Site

An often overlooked aspect of Info Overload: the Windows desktop!

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IORG  has done a tremendous job to raise awareness as well as provide well researched, practical resources to address the complex issues of information overload.  They were way ahead of the game and continue to lead in this arena.

Anne McGhee-Stinson Managing Partner & Director of Practice, Effective Edge

IORG’s work is extremely relevant and impactful in an age when people regularly suffer from information overload. I regularly use their work to get the latest high-level thinking on information overload.

Dr. Lawrence Ampofo Director & Founder, Digital Mindfulness

The costs associated with information overload are too high for this problem to be seen merely as an academic rhetoric… IORG helps us to not forget that this is a problem we face every day, despite the fact that it often goes unnoticed. In that sense, IORG was, for me, a “canary in the coal mine”, an advance indicator showing the imminence of a dangerous problem.

Rui Silva Founder - 2BePro


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