About the Resource Center

The Resource Center is a crowd-sourced repository of articles, information, and resources that you help to create!

Welcome to the Information Overload Resource Center, provided to you by the Information Overload Research Group (IORG)!

This is a crowd-sourced directory of links and abstracts to articles and resources about Information Overload and related issues such as interruptions, multi-tasking, attention management, and similar information management challenges.

IORG is committed to help reduce the Information Pollution that is wreaking havoc on the productivity and quality of life of people everywhere, and this Resource Center is our way to provide to the research, business, government and media communities, as well as to the interested public, a “one stop shop” portal to the growing corpus of research and insight about this major problem and how it may be solved.

In creating this resource, we at IORG were guided by three principles:

  1. Anyone may contribute pointers to relevant resources. This means you!
  2. The repository is professionally moderated, so posted resources are of a consistent relevance and quality. Making it so is our job.
  3. We include resources of every kind – research papers, books, media articles, blog posts, videos, web sites… the works.

Submitting links is easy by using the Contribute Form, and I urge you to do so.

If you are uncertain about a particular item, please do submit it. If it turns out unsuitable, the moderator will remove it.


Nathan Zeldes
President, IORG