Author: Michael Einstein

Information Overload Is Not a New Problem

Resource Author:  Samuel Arbesman
Resource Date:  05/30/2012
Resource Name:  Wired
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There is a wonderful essay in The Hedgehog Review about the promise and perils of information overload. Titled Why Google Isn’t Making Us Stupid…or Smart, this essay written by Chad Wellmon explores the history of information overload and explores its implications. But Wellmon also spends some time demonstrating that information overload is far from a new problem.

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Information Overload

Resource Author:  A. R. Samson
Resource Date:  05/27/2012
Resource Name:  BusinessWorld Online
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Are we now being subjected to “too much information” on economics? “TMI” is a social phrase that halts someone from revealing too many details of a personal nature usually of the romantic kind, which is best left unsaid.

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Pupils Taught to Tackle Information Overload

Resource Date:  26 March 2012
Resource Name:  London Evening Standard
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Pupils are being given expert tuition to help them cope with the “overwhelming” amount of information they can access on the internet. Analysts from Deloitte have held tutorials at three Barnet schools to help children interpret publicly available data including statistics about crime, health, pollution and traffic.

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Information Overload: Tune Out the Noise

Resource Author:  Nick Hodge
Resource Date:  04/06/2012
Resource Name:  Energy & Capital
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There is such a thing as information overload. And in this high-speed digital age, I think we’re all affected by it in some way.

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Drones Inflicting Information Overload on Air Force

Resource Author:  Jeff Black
Resource Date:  04/05/2012
Resource Name:
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The Air Force has such a glut of data – photos and videos and such – captured by its fleet of drone aircraft that it can’t keep up with analyzing the information, Air Force Secretary Michael Donley said Thursday.

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Tech Stressed? Turn Off Your Brain

Resource Author:  Katherine Feeney
Resource Date:  03/28/2012
Resource Name:  Brisbane Times
URL:   Link to Source Article or Site

Sleeplessness, high stress levels, and emotional outbursts are the commonly listed consequences of communication saturation and remedies abound, ranging from Eastern philosophy to self-help programs and clinically prescribed medications.

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Digital Info Drowning Workers

Resource Author:  Steve Hart
Resource Date:  04/07/2012
Resource Name:  NZ Herald
URL:   Link to Source Article or Site

Information overload is causing one third of the workforce to ignore emails and not answer their phone. That’s just one of the findings from the Randstad quarterly Workmonitor that reveals 30 per cent of those surveyed are sent more information every day than they can handle.

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Taking E-Mail Vacations Can Reduce Stress, Study Says

Resource Author:  Nick Bilton
Resource Date:  05/04/2012
Resource Name:  The New York Times
URL:   Link to Source Article or Site

A new study released Thursday by the University of California, Irvine, which was co-written with United States Army researchers, found that people who do not look at e-mail on a regular basis at work are less stressed and more productive.

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