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How to Avoid Sending Texts and Emails to the Wrong Person

Resource Author:  Jessica Clark
Resource Date:  07/23/2013
Resource Name:  The Kenney Myers blog
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Sending an email or text to the wrong person is embarrassing! Moreover, it can be a personal and, in some cases, a professional nightmare. You certainly do not want your boss reading an argument with your spouse or a friend reading something negative you said about her! Unfortunately, these types of messaging mishaps happen all too often. (more…)

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Information Overload: Interview with David Ryan Polgar about Mental Obesity

Resource Author:  Sarah Miner
Resource Date:  03/21/2013
Resource Name:  Sarah Miner
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A short discussion about ways to find a balance with our information consumption in order to maximize our creativity and productivity.

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Eliminating Practical Information Overload

Resource Author:  George Maney
Resource Date:  02/10/2013
Resource Name:  The Total Recall Search Revolution
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Information overload is always a symptom of publishing system failures and it’s nothing new. Rapid advances in paper publishing technology in the 19th century created a huge information overload challenge that was met by the invention of the modern library catalog. Today we face a daunting practical information overload challenge resulting from rapid advances in Internet publishing technology, this is a challenge that results from many remaining technological limitations of today’s rudimentary Internet publishing architecture, it’s a challenge that can only be overcome by developing a new scalable architecture that will serve for many decades to come, and it must be an architecture based on best-practice publishing technology.

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Unload Email Overload

Resource Author:  Bob O'Hare
Resource Name:  Author
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The email alert is a trigger to information overload. Mastering email can unload email overload and save thousands of hours of precious time. The MasteringEmail ™ methodology, published in Unload Email Overload, provides the principles, method and details necessary to mitigate information overload–and get home in time for dinner. (more…)

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Information Overload: An International Challenge for Professional Engineers and Technical Communicators

Resource Author:  Editor(s): Judith B. Strother, Jan M. Ulijn, Zohra Fazal
Resource Date:  10/15/2012
Resource Name:  Wiley, IEEE
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Emphasizing the role of engineers and technical communicators, the book discusses the root causes and costs of information overload within organizations and introduces strategies and proven techniques for reducing information overload and minimizing its negative impact. It offers a theoretical framework and ideas for future research, and features special chapter ‘insight boxes’ that recount different approaches to problems from various multinational corporations.

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Multitasking Exercise

Resource Author:  Dave Crenshaw
Resource Date:  01/14/2012
Resource Name:
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Think you’re a good multitasker? Know someone who thinks they are? Here’s your chance to put your skills to this test! In this video, Dave Crenshaw walks you through the multitasking exercise he shares in his live keynote speeches and workshops.

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We Have Met the Enemy and He Is PowerPoint

Resource Author:  Elisabeth Bumiller
Resource Date:  2011-04-26
Resource Name:  The New York Times
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Gen. Stanley A. McChrystal, the leader of American and NATO forces in Afghanistan, was shown a PowerPoint slide in Kabul last summer that was meant to portray the complexity of American military strategy, but looked more like a bowl of spaghetti.

“When we understand that slide, we’ll have won the war,” General McChrystal dryly remarked, one of his advisers recalled, as the room erupted in laughter.

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Information Overload – Open Source Software Educational Society

Resource Name:  Softopanorama
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One in four of over 1,300 managers surveyed, admitted to actually suffering ill health as a result of the amount of information they handle.

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Information Overload in Space

Resource Author:  Kathy Graham
Resource Date:  7/26/2002
Resource Name:  ABC Science
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Launching satellites into deep space won’t tell us much about our universe if we can’t efficiently retrieve information, according to a team of Australian and American researchers.

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Information Overload Pointers

Resource Author:  Chris Nickson
Resource Date:  7/8/2009
Resource Name:  Life in the Fast Lane
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Here are some ‘Life in the Fast Lane’ pointers to help ‘Web 2.0 laggards’ pull their heads out of the ground and off-load the stress of information overload.

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