Author: Kelly Poffenberger

Your Non-Paperless Office Is Costing You More Than You Think

Resource Author:  Tom Franceski
Resource Date:  2018-02-13
Resource Name:  ECM Connection
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Your non-paperless office is costing you more than you think, but the benefits of going paperless can deliver an impressive level of return on investment. Studies show that enterprise content management (ECM) offers some of the highest direct ROI rates ever reported. One study reported nearly 60 percent of ECM users achieved payback in 12 months or less — a single budget cycle — and 28 percent experienced positive returns after just 6 months.

If your organization is just now starting down the paperless path, you can take heart knowing there is tremendous financial growth to be had which will make the transition considerably worthwhile.

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You Can’t Handle the Truth About Process Automation

Resource Author:  Ray Emirzian
Resource Date:  2018-12-01
Resource Name:  The Imaging Channel
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As with all transformations, only with truth can you see the light. If organizations are prepared to take on the real work that is needed for process automation, they’ll reap the rewards of cost savings and greater efficiency, giving them the means to support better employee and customer experiences.

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What If You Could Manage Information Overload?

Resource Author:  Kate Becker
Resource Date:  2018-11-27
Resource Name:  Boston U College of Engineering site
URL:   Link to Source Article or Site

News item describes a boundary-breaking collaboration, funded at $1M for 4 years by the National Science Foundation, between Boston University researchers from diverse departments. The collaboration will look at advanced technology to get a handle on media overload.

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Tech will do for information overload what it did for mindfulness

Resource Author:  Manoush Zomorodi
Resource Date:  2018-12-03
Resource Name:  NiemanLab
URL:   Link to Source Article or Site

Quote: While there are a handful of very good digital reading tools (Pocket, Flipboard, Kindle), the next wave of products will be built to deliver a better news consumption experiences.

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Collaborative Overload

Resource Author:  Rob Cross
Resource Date:  07/01/2016
Resource Name:  stand alone
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Rob Cross offers a good description of collaborative overload (ref link included) and a diagnostic test.

During the 1990’s, organizations shifted from a functional-centric structure to a business process-centric structure. After completing difficult change management actions, benefits were harvested, e.g., reduced cycle time, decreased rework and improved customer satisfaction. Information overload can occur from individual actions during and outside of work as well as team activities. The cited references describe some root causes of collaboration overload and suggests remedies. The benefits from a business process-centric structure can be reduced by collaboration overload. It’s worth reading these materials to achieve your expectations from collaboration benefits. Marty B #IORGforum

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Doing more is evil. The Swingnow Project: Prologue.

Resource Author:  Swingnow Project,
Resource Date:  10/06/2014
Resource Name:
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Humans are too intelligent and adaptive. That’s the problem we’re tackling.

Swingnow Project is quiet, subtle, and disruptive.

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How to Avoid Sending Texts and Emails to the Wrong Person

Resource Author:  Jessica Clark
Resource Date:  07/23/2013
Resource Name:  The Kenney Myers blog
URL:   Link to Source Article or Site

Sending an email or text to the wrong person is embarrassing! Moreover, it can be a personal and, in some cases, a professional nightmare. You certainly do not want your boss reading an argument with your spouse or a friend reading something negative you said about her! Unfortunately, these types of messaging mishaps happen all too often. (more…)

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Information Overload: Interview with David Ryan Polgar about Mental Obesity

Resource Author:  Sarah Miner
Resource Date:  03/21/2013
Resource Name:  Sarah Miner
URL:   Link to Source Article or Site

A short discussion about ways to find a balance with our information consumption in order to maximize our creativity and productivity.

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Eliminating Practical Information Overload

Resource Author:  George Maney
Resource Date:  02/10/2013
Resource Name:  The Total Recall Search Revolution
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Information overload is always a symptom of publishing system failures and it’s nothing new. Rapid advances in paper publishing technology in the 19th century created a huge information overload challenge that was met by the invention of the modern library catalog. Today we face a daunting practical information overload challenge resulting from rapid advances in Internet publishing technology, this is a challenge that results from many remaining technological limitations of today’s rudimentary Internet publishing architecture, it’s a challenge that can only be overcome by developing a new scalable architecture that will serve for many decades to come, and it must be an architecture based on best-practice publishing technology.

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Unload Email Overload

Resource Author:  Bob O'Hare
Resource Name:  Author
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The email alert is a trigger to information overload. Mastering email can unload email overload and save thousands of hours of precious time. The MasteringEmail ™ methodology, published in Unload Email Overload, provides the principles, method and details necessary to mitigate information overload–and get home in time for dinner. (more…)

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