Author: Nathan Zeldes

What would Socrates think of Google?

Resource Author:  Nathan Zeldes
Resource Date:  2011-12-08
Resource Name:  Challenge Information Overload blog
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I was discussing with a college student I’ve been advising whether it was a good or a bad thing that Google makes access to answers so easy. To my surprise, she opined that it’s a bad thing – because people who use Google to answer a question are more likely to forget the answer they find, whereas if they have to think the problem through and discover the answer for themselves they will remember it in the long term. This shows that our ambivalence to information use goes back to antiquity…

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How Fast and Flexible Do You Want Your Information, Really?

Resource Author:  Thomas H. Davenport and Jim Hagemann Snabe
Resource Date:  2011-03-23
Resource Name:  MIT Sloan management review
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Almost all executives want more and faster information, and almost all companies are racing to provide it. What many of them overlook, though, is that the real aim should be not faster information but faster decision making — and those aren’t the same things.

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Information Overload as Evolutionary Maladaptation

Resource Author:  Craig Roth
Resource Date:  02/10/2010
Resource Name:  KnowledgeForward blog
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If you believe information overload is a maladaptation than solutions – fancy and detailed as they may be – really just boil down to resisting destructive urges. . . . But if, by chance, information overload is within the realm of consciousness and under rational control, different solutions apply.

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