How to Avoid Sending Texts and Emails to the Wrong Person

Resource Author:  Jessica Clark
Resource Date:  07/23/2013
Resource Name:  The Kenney Myers blog
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Sending an email or text to the wrong person is embarrassing! Moreover, it can be a personal and, in some cases, a professional nightmare. You certainly do not want your boss reading an argument with your spouse or a friend reading something negative you said about her! Unfortunately, these types of messaging mishaps happen all too often.

Almost everyone has their own story of hitting the send button and being filled with instant shame and regret. There are ways to avoid sending texts and emails to the wrong recipients, and implementing them can save you a lot of awkward moments, both personally and professionally.

When it comes to email, if you don’t already, get in the habit of proof reading your words. Good writing should not become a lost art just because technology has made it faster and easier to send messages. Then, as you are ensuring your spelling and grammar are correct, also be sure to review your recipients in the To, CC and BCC fields. When you are inputting information into those fields, be sure to type out the person’s whole name. If you are depending on the system to automatically populate the field for you, you are just asking for trouble.