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Call for speakers for IO Day 2020

The Information Overload Research Group is getting ready for Information Overload Day, due to take place on October 20, 2020.

Information Overload Day is a workplace observance, now in its twelfth year, that calls attention to the problem of Information Overload and how it impacts both individuals and organizations. As in previous years we will mark the day with a free webinar devoted to some aspect of Information Overload and its mitigation. The webinar will include lecture(s) and/or a panel discussion.

This year the theme of the event will be

Information Overload in the new Post-COVID workplace

We are interested in cultural shifts, organizational design and models, communications technology and challenges, with special attention to new modes of information overload and new solutions to address them.

We encourage you to send us ideas for this webinar, proposing a speaker(s) you think would be of interest to our audience, and/or specific lecture and panel subjects within the scope of the above theme.

Please send your input to

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IORG Video: Why use e-mail?

Tune in to IORGCast #10 as Nathan Zeldes, Lele Terenzani and Luis Suarez challenge the listener to consider “Why use e-mail”?  With almost 20 years of experience in not using email in the workplace, Lele and Luis share their experience on the choices individuals can make by using multiple digital tools that enable more open communication and collaboration across organizations.  Learn why email is where “knowledge goes to die” and how to move away from old ways of working into a more collaborative and effective channel of communication.


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Call for IORG Steering Team Candidates

The Information Overload Research Group is seeking Candidates to expand our Leadership Team

IORG’s mission is to communicate impacts of Information Overload on knowledge workers and society, and to promote potential solutions.

Our activities to date have focused on holding conferences and online webinars, producing webcasts, maintaining an IORG web site and the Information Overload Resource Center, an online reference library of every kind of publication related to the problem.

Our plans for 2020 include developing an online course (MOOC) about Information Overload, its causes and solutions. All this activity is managed by a volunteer steering team consisting of experts with Academic, Industry, Consulting and Analyst backgrounds.

Our steering team holds one-hour conference calls twice a month, during which we plan and discuss IORG activities and current information overload developments.

IORG is seeking one or two members to expand our team. Although we have a preference for individuals with marketing or technology skills, all individuals with an interest in Information Overload are invited to apply.

We also welcome your ideas for improving current activities and creating new programs. If you are committed to moving forward IORG’s goals, we encourage you to contact our President, Nathan Zeldes, at

Or you can contact us via our Contact Us Form.

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Passing the baton

Nathan Zeldes here – taking over from Michael Einstein as the month’s owner of IORG’s social media in December. Any comments and input are welcome – use the contact form on our site,

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Information Overload Day 2019 – SAVE THE DATE

The Annual Information Overload Day Webinar will take place on October 15 at 11:00 AM EDT

Mark your calendars: On October 15, 2019 at 11:00 AM EDT the Information Overload Research Group (IORG) will celebrate Information Overload Day by hosting a webinar dedicated to the theme

      “Beyond Email – the Next Generation of Solutions”.

The 90-minute program will include:

  • Marc Wright, founder of simply-communicate, will chair a panel of technology experts that will examine solutions beyond email. Participating in the panel will be Cyrus Gilbert-Rolfe, Europe CEO of SocialChorus; Nick Mason, Founder of;  and Martyn Perks, a strategic adviser on enterprise social networks.
  • Dr. Monica Seeley, founder of Mesmo Consultancy, will discuss the benefits of Microsoft OneNote over conventional email and how it helps reduce information overload.
  • Marc Powell, managing director of Emailogic Ltd., will share insight on how we can embed new collaborative tools in our teams that will help us achieve our goals beyond what email permits.

We look forward to having you join us in this free online event.

STAY TUNED – Full Registration details will be sent out shortly!

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Americans Spend almost Half their Day “Online”

According to the latest Nielsen Survey, the average American adult spends close to 3 hours a day looking at their smartphone or tablet computer.

According to the first-quarter 2018 Nielsen Total Audience Report, nearly half of an adult’s day is spent viewing some sort of “online media content, with close to 3 hours a day spent looking at smartphones and tablet devices.

And if you add in the amount of time that people spend interacting with other types of “online media” in some manner, that number grows to an incredible 11 hours a day, or nearly half of our entire day, and a significant portion of our “waking hours”.

For the average American Adult (18+ years age), here is the rough break-downs of how time is being spent:

  • 4.5 Hours/Day – Watching “live” or “Time-Shifted” (recorded) television
  • 2.5 Hours/Day – Interacting on a “smartphone” device
  • 1.5 Hours/Day – Interacting on an internet-based device or tablet
  • 1.5 Hours/Day – Listening to Radio and/or Podcasts
  • 0.5 Hours/Day – Playing a “Game Console” system (Playstation, etc.)

Read the Full Nielsen Report:  The First-quarter 2018 Nielsen Total Audience Report

The report includes further break-downs by various demographics, including age, gender, and race.

Overall, shows that online consumption of media continues to increase along with the greater number of media channels that are being introduced.

Interesting reading and some truly alarming time allotments being spent by people “online” as opposed to interactive with people on an interpersonal level.

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IORGCAST 6 – The History of Computing

We are happy to announce that the sixth episode of IORGcast  has been posted on the IORG YouTube Channel.


In this video, Lele Terenzani  talks with Nathan Zeldes about “The History of Computing“.

Lele is an IORG Steering Team Member and a Digital Sales Communication Leader, IBM.

Nathan is the President of IORG and a Productivity Business Consultant.

Nathan, interviewed by Lele, is showing his personal museum and talking about the history of computing from the first slide rule through today’s powerful microprocessor.

It’s a fascinating journey and you can really have a taste in it of the fast paced evolution we experienced in this century.

Check more about Nathan museum here

Make sure to listen to this video, and check out all of the videos on the IORG YouTube Channel

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IORG Podcast #2 – Dr. Lawrence Ampofo – Digital Mindfullness Master

In our second IORG Podcast, hear an interview with Dr. Lawrence Ampofo about Digital Mindfullness.

Dr. Lawrence Ampofo – Digital Mindfullness Master

Today we speak to Dr.Lawrence Ampofo.  Lawrence is a digital strategy and foreign policy professional and founder and Director of Digital Mindfulness and Semantica Research with over a decade of experience in several topics that circle around information overload.

We talk of course about digital mindfulness, what it is and why it’s relevant to reduce information overload. We a lot about our relationship with technology and the heavy side effects of being constantly connected. We touch the topic of AI, we talk about the importance of conversation, how to up-skill people to better use the information we have and how education could play an important role in this but it still doesn’t.

Fascinating discussion about even more fascinating topics.

Find Dr.Ampofo on Twitter @digitalmindful or on

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IORG Podcast #1 – Interview with Nathan Zeldes

In our first IORG Podcast, hear an interview about the start of IORG and about Information Overload Solutions with IORG founder, Nathan Zeldes.

Nathan Zeldes – President of IORG – Interview

With Nathan we talk about his past when he firstly noticed there was a problem with Information Overload and some of the solutions and experiments he applied to this problem.  We also talk about trust, leadership, being an employee in today’s enterprise with it’s rich variety of information-focused tools.

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IORGCast 5 – Go Beyond Email now on the IORG YouTube Channel

We are happy to announce that the fifth episode of IORGcast  has been posted on the IORG YouTube Channel.

In this video, Lele Terenzani  talks with Alfonso Aranda Arias about going “Beyond Email“.

Lele is an IORG Steering Team Member and a Digital Sales Communication Leader, IBM.

Alfonso is an IORG steering committee member and Microsoft Project Manager.

Key Topics Discussed include:

  • E-mail communication effectiveness today
  • What else is there for us after Email?
  • Benefits of going beyond Email

Make sure to listen to this video, and check out all of the videos on the IORG YouTube Channel


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