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IORG Podcast #2 – Dr. Lawrence Ampofo – Digital Mindfullness Master

In our second IORG Podcast, hear an interview with Dr. Lawrence Ampofo about Digital Mindfullness.

Dr. Lawrence Ampofo – Digital Mindfullness Master

Today we speak to Dr.Lawrence Ampofo.  Lawrence is a digital strategy and foreign policy professional and founder and Director of Digital Mindfulness and Semantica Research with over a decade of experience in several topics that circle around information overload.

We talk of course about digital mindfulness, what it is and why it’s relevant to reduce information overload. We a lot about our relationship with technology and the heavy side effects of being constantly connected. We touch the topic of AI, we talk about the importance of conversation, how to up-skill people to better use the information we have and how education could play an important role in this but it still doesn’t.

Fascinating discussion about even more fascinating topics.

Find Dr.Ampofo on Twitter @digitalmindful or on

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IORG Podcast #1 – Interview with Nathan Zeldes

In our first IORG Podcast, hear an interview about the start of IORG and about Information Overload Solutions with IORG founder, Nathan Zeldes.

Nathan Zeldes – President of IORG – Interview

With Nathan we talk about his past when he firstly noticed there was a problem with Information Overload and some of the solutions and experiments he applied to this problem.  We also talk about trust, leadership, being an employee in today’s enterprise with it’s rich variety of information-focused tools.

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IORGCast 5 – Go Beyond Email now on the IORG YouTube Channel

We are happy to announce that the fifth episode of IORGcast  has been posted on the IORG YouTube Channel.

In this video, Lele Terenzani  talks with Alfonso Aranda Arias about going “Beyond Email“.

Lele is an IORG Steering Team Member and a Digital Sales Communication Leader, IBM.

Alfonso is an IORG steering committee member and Microsoft Project Manager.

Key Topics Discussed include:

  • E-mail communication effectiveness today
  • What else is there for us after Email?
  • Benefits of going beyond Email

Make sure to listen to this video, and check out all of the videos on the IORG YouTube Channel


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Artificial Intelligence & Information Overload

The following is an excerpt written by Yury Gubman, Knowmail’s Head of AI, from a recent IORG interview between Emanuele Terenzani (Lele), Yury, and myself about the need to use Artificial Intelligence to solve Information Overload.

The interview can be viewed below in its entirety, while the excerpt provides a few additional notes not available in the video.

To learn more about the problem of Information Overload, best practices, and solutions, please visit IORG’s blog, resource center, and Youtube channel for interviews and more.


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IORG Launches New Monthly Webinar Series

During May 2018, Nathan Zeldes (President) described the mission and benefits provided from IORG.

Each month IORG will present a Steering Committee member or other individuals addressing challenging issues and potential solutions to IO.

IORG homepage and social media will provide specific details for forthcoming webinars.

Stay tuned!

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E-mail is not anymore a necessary channel

In the first week of IORGLiveMonth that you can watch here from Day 1 to 7 you can see as common denominator one basic concept: e-mail is not anymore a necessary tool to do our job.

On the contrary, learning to collaborate using other channels will definitively help us becoming more productive, spending less time and drastically reducing information overload.


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LeleIORGMonth – Each day a new Live broadcast to fight IO

It’s been a while I’m not using e-mails, 5 years since July 2013 and even before I started gladly advocating different forms of collaboration to avoid overused channels.

That’s where I got to meet IORG, Nathan Zeldes and all great professionals and researchers that with me share the same disappointment around the way we naturally ended up communicating between each other.

I feel the main driver of it, is a lack of education from our institutions and corporates. Nobody told us that mobile phone notifications were addictive and that our internal chemical reactions (see dopamine) is playing with us in a way that keeps us there, waiting for the next stimulus to come.


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IORG Social Media presence is being upgraded

The Information Overload Research Group’s steering committee has identified social media as a key component of the group’s activity, and has made decisions accordingly. Starting this February, IORG will maintain a much higher level of activity on all its social channels.

This includes the following channels, which you are invited and encouraged to join, follow, and so forth:

  • The IORG Web site (blog) [].
  • The Information Overload Resource Center (IORC) [Link].
  • Twitter [@EndInfoOverload].
  • The LinkedIn Group “Information Overload Research Group” [Link].
  • The IORG Newsletter [subscribe here].
  • The IORG YouTube channel [Link].

All this is for you – and with you. We look forward to your comments, retweets, and contributions!

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New LinkedIn Group presence for IORG

Effective January 2018 the LinkedIn group Information Overload Network has been renamed to Information Overload Research Group.

This reflects the de facto situation where ION has been nurtured for the last few years by the directors of the off-LinkedIn IORG non-profit, and will allow us to focus the people and activities related to Information Overload mitigation under one coherent “umbrella”.

You are all welcome to join the group, which will continue in its activity to share and promote knowledge about information overload and its mitigation.


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Overloaded 2017 – Webinar Replay now Available !

IORG, in celebration of Information Overload Day, recently hosted “Overloaded 2017 – An online event of Science, Stories, and Solutions for Managing Information Overload.

The entire event has been recorded for your viewing pleasure! Enjoy!


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