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Information Overload Summit in London

From Ian Price:

The issue of information overload is getting increasing media coverage in the UK although it is still some way behind the US.

Next week, (formerly, part of Incisive Media, is taking the lead by hosting a three-day summit. It is opening the event with a live web TV panel discussion on Tuesday November 10th at 11am. I will be on the panel along with representatives from other companies including IBM, The National Computing Centre and Freeform Dynamics.

If you would like to find out more about the event or register, please follow the link below:

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So what does IORG do?

When I tell friends and colleagues that I’m on the board of the Information Overload Research Group – “You know, that organization that got started on the Microsoft campus a couple of years ago” – they often say something like, “That sounds interesting.  So what does IORG do?” (more…)

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Information Overload – The Movie!

Our friends at Basex have been talking to people about Info Overload for a long time, but for some months now they had the excellent idea of capturing what senior managers had to say about it on video. The outcome is a video that interviews execs in companies including IBM, NBC, RIM, and Siemens, who share their insights about the impact of IO.

Best of all, the folks at Basex shared it – “Information Overload – The Movie” is available to us all on YouTube and on the Basex blog.

Via the Basex blog.
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The awareness problem

The other day I gave a lecture about Information Overload at a technology conference. Afterward a number of attendees approached me to discuss it. I asked one of them – himself employed at a technology company – whether the extent of the problem in his workplace was as bad as I described it in general, and he asserted that it certainly was; no surprise there. But then he remarked that although he lives with the problem every day, my lecture was the first time he gave thought to this matter from this interesting and different angle… he was referring to the manifold aspects of the impact on knowledge worker  productivity, such as the longer time to execute tasks or the reduction in creativity engendered by constant interruptions. (more…)

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What would you like to see IORG work on?

IORG is a young organization, and we on its board of directors – Bill, Deva, Jonathan, Yoram and yours truly – are working hard to define the future course of action the organization should embark on in the next year or so. We have our ideas, but I’d like to hear yours.

So – let us know, in the comments to this post: what do you think we should do – keeping in mind that we must prioritize, given our limited resources at this point?

Do tell!

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Our Information Overload conference no doubt pushed attendees above and beyond the bounds of overload.  As a public service here (as Tom Lehrer would say), I’ll review highlights.

The keynote address (mine, actually) presented an overview of the problem, including costs, problem areas, and a few things we can do about the problem right now. (more…)

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Welcome to the IORG blog!

With the Information Overload Research Group launched and our first conference underway, it’s about time to get started with our blog.  We’ll be using this blog to provide updates on IORG progress and activities, share our thoughts about various information overload related topics, and provide opportunities for IORG members to share their own experience, research, and opinions. (more…)

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Nathan’s first post

So, again… writing a first post to a new blog. Small step and all that, but it’s really the quintessential “new beginning”…

First I’m supposed to tell you who I am, so here goes: I’m Nathan Zeldes, an Applied Physicist turned IT Engineer. I’m a Principal Engineer at Intel, and for the past 12 years I’ve been driving R&D in the field of Computing Productivity, that fascinating no man’s land where our nice, crisp computer technology meets the unpredictable, demanding, sometimes vexing yet always precious wetware that is our user base. When I’m not working, I actually manage to program computers for fun, and I have a collection of computing history; you can have a peek at .

Information Overload has been my arch-enemy for more than a decade; I identified it as a problem as early as 1995, when Windows-based email first arrived in my workplace and enabled people to send messages with large attachments to large lists with the click of a button. (more…)

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What are we doing here?

The Information Overload Research Group. Quite a mouthful. So what is it all about? Well, the About Page has a good overview of what the group, this website, and this blog are all about.

But what are the members of this group doing here – and why? (more…)

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