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Nathan’s first post

So, again… writing a first post to a new blog. Small step and all that, but it’s really the quintessential “new beginning”…

First I’m supposed to tell you who I am, so here goes: I’m Nathan Zeldes, an Applied Physicist turned IT Engineer. I’m a Principal Engineer at Intel, and for the past 12 years I’ve been driving R&D in the field of Computing Productivity, that fascinating no man’s land where our nice, crisp computer technology meets the unpredictable, demanding, sometimes vexing yet always precious wetware that is our user base. When I’m not working, I actually manage to program computers for fun, and I have a collection of computing history; you can have a peek at .

Information Overload has been my arch-enemy for more than a decade; I identified it as a problem as early as 1995, when Windows-based email first arrived in my workplace and enabled people to send messages with large attachments to large lists with the click of a button. (more…)

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What are we doing here?

The Information Overload Research Group. Quite a mouthful. So what is it all about? Well, the About Page has a good overview of what the group, this website, and this blog are all about.

But what are the members of this group doing here – and why? (more…)

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