1ST IORG Virtual Bonfire

Tune in to the 1st IORG Virtual Bonfire, an open conversation with IORG Leadership Team and IORG Community members. After introductions and a brief overview of the IORG mission, the open discussion evolved into an engaged conversation regarding various approaches to effectively manage email driven information overload. Should companies leverage tools and technology to develop efficient email delivery processes, referencing the Toyota Production System “just in time” process design? or do we need behavior based organizational culture and mindset changes? or both? What about information overload in our everyday lives beyond email?  What about mental overload, the information overload, or clutter in our mind? While the discussion may not have all the answers, the first step in problem solving is to identify the root cause of the problem.



Introductions – first 12 minutes

IORG Mission – next 5 minutes

Open Discussion – last 43 minutes



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