Overloading our health?


Is your reliance on email affecting your health? 

The US technology consultant Linda Stone has discovered that many of us unconsciously hold our breath, or breathe shallowly while responding to emails – a habit that can compound stress.

This can then add fuel to a host of other symptoms such as asthma, depression and obesity.

Another recent study by the Work & Health research centre at Loughborough University has proved many office workers suffer from physical as well as mental problems, due to a lack of exercise. One possible explanation for this was an increasing reliance on – an addiction to – email.

The staff surveyed were often relying on email rather than getting up to walk across
the room.

The research found that lack of physical activity affected more than 70% of the UK employees surveyed. This manifested itself in increased and longer periods of sick leave.

So the message is email less and have more face to face contact, when appropriate.

Sometimes email messages that go backwards and forwards several times actually take longer to write that a quick conversation covering the same issues, probably in richer and more valuable detail, would take.

Save yourself the daily stress and after a week, see the difference! Give this a try what have you to lose?

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