More from IO summit in London

From Ian Price:

On Tuesday, I was invited to be part of the expert panel discussion that launched the three-day summit on Information Overload run by (previously known us vnnunet).

Given the nature of the audience, the summit as a whole has a technical emphasis and is sponsored by IBM. Having said that, there was a willingness on the panel I took part in to discuss the behavioural issues as well. If you have an hour to spare, you can watch the discussion here.

There is a wealth of other video debates and articles on v3’s site which is particularly rich in technical aspects of information overload such as storage and data centres. A comment article by Ian Williams, however, is a good expression of the view – which I share – that this is more about management than anything else.

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  1. I agree information overload is about management – don’t we wish there was a technological solution to the problem! When I completed my dissertation on information overload, my study participants concluded the organizational environment was the chief contributor to IO.

    They recommended a more disciplined approach to managing information, communication, priorities, projects and decision making in organizations. The solution is as multidimensional as the problem.

    Maybe CIO’s should become chief intellectual capacity officers since the limiting factor is the human capacity to process information. We owe it to the people in our organizations to manage this problem before they short circuit.

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