Awkward Information Storage Scheme May Create IO_ Prevention Steps

Difficult information access can result in IO. A study by Teleware ( in UK of 2K employees distributed across industries, gender, age disclosed significant frustration from misplacing captured information. Impacts: 720 wasted time, 680 forgot captured information both resulting in reduced task effectiveness. Indeed 520 reported missing deadlines. Only 40% have a routine process to capture, record and retrieve desired input. If an effective process and supporting technology existed, estimated interaction improvements would be: customer service 52%, productivity 48% and information quality 42%. How to improve the capture/record/retrieval of information? Try a folksonomy rather than or augmenting to your probably hierarchical taxonomy for storing data. These folksonomy tags can operate retrieval as if from an associative storage memory structure. Also prune and archive or delete inactive data from your storage. Filter out unnecessary captured information before recording and storing. If some information is used often, consider replicating to a higher speed storage device or cache. These are challenges and helpers that you have the power to adopt as relevant to you. Why not do it?? EndInfoOverlload,,IORGforum

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