Creating Space: Tips on De-Cluttering while Working from Home

Ingrid Pope is a Mind De-Clutterer and Executive Coach.  Ingrid’s mission is to de-clutter the world of everything that gets in the way of our effectiveness, our focus, and our life by creating space to think, to work, to live.

Over the past year Ingrid has posted 15 de-cluttering tips inspired by conversations with her clients. Clutter in all its forms gets in the way of focus and effectiveness, and now that most of us are working from home, we might find it more difficult at times to keep our attention on what needs to be done.

  • Tip 1: de-clutter your webcam backdrop
  • Tip 2: de-clutter your news intake
  • Tip 3: de-clutter your to-do list
  • Tip 4: de-clutter your worries
  • Tip 5: de-clutter your distractions
  • Tip 6: de-clutter your bedroom
  • Tip 7: de-clutter your habits
  • Tip 8: de-clutter your biases
  • Tip 9: de-clutter your kitchen
  • Tip 10: de-clutter your desktop
  • Tip 11: de-clutter your diary or calendar
  • Tip 12: de-clutter your communications
  • Tip 13: de-clutter your disguises
  • Tip 14: de-clutter your assumptions
  • Tip 15: de-clutter your inner critic

Go to Ingrid’s blog for a short insightful summary for each tip.

You can also download a PDF of her 15 Tips by using this link:  De-cluttering – 15 tips


You can follow Ingrid’s full blog at


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