E-mail is not anymore a necessary channel

In the first week of IORGLiveMonth that you can watch here http://bit.ly/iorglivemonth from Day 1 to 7 you can see as common denominator one basic concept: e-mail is not anymore a necessary tool to do our job.

On the contrary, learning to collaborate using other channels will definitively help us becoming more productive, spending less time and drastically reducing information overload.

Going noemail (or “less email”) is a very simple straightforward process:



It starts by paying attention to the incoming messages on our inbox.

In the moment when we have to reply to them, STOP and think about what would be the best channel to send it.

Is it really e-mail the best? Could I pick up the phone? Do I need to collaborate real time? Would a video chat be more creative and provide an immediate solution?

Think before sending is the new motto of the end information overload citizen.



For those few use cases where you still need to send it via e-mail, adopt some behavior that are reducing information overload.

Avoid sending attachments but use file hosting tools to add and share your files and folders.

Avoid adding people on CC, majority will thank you for that.

Avoid the Reply to All button, just provide your replies to whom you address the message.

Consider that anytime that there is more than one person in the need to know, it’s might be the case for a different kind of collaboration that definitively is not going to be suitable for e-mail communication.



Take some time to plan your communication in advance. Test, try and learn new tools, engage your peers in using them, create those containers where the future communications and collaborations will take place.

Do it for yourself: learning, personal branding, better collaboration and less time spent in getting mad with technology.

Do it for your peers: the whole collaborative process will go much more smoothly than what’s happening now.



Enjoy the process and share your findings.


Thanks a lot for watching week 1, thanks for giving it a try, thank for the reduction of information overload that already started since point ONE of this post 😁

Week 2 is about to start and it’a all about conversation.

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