How to Avoid Dashboard Information Overload

Alan Earls [] proposes 5 actions to reduce IO in dashboard design:
1. eliminate irrelevant content, 2. group content logically, not chaotically, 3. assure sufficient user needs input, 4. Let content, not technology be your dashboard design, and 5. consider appropriate access security for the content. Joshua Reynolds [] further adds 3 new suggestions: 1. content should be KPI driven, 2. focus on identifying patterns in data, and 3. use enterprise-wide sources. Although there are numerous books and papers on effective dashboard design, you might benefit from these more concise references:
1. Microsoft Power BI team []
2. Great summary of Stephen Few guidelines [] addresses both content and format
3. Tableau, another leader in effective visualization []

Do you want your dashboards to provide an efficient means to interpret data for faster decision-making? If YES, the above materials will help you streamline your dashboards to improve
organization performance.

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