Information Overload Day 2020 – Webinar Replay

Thank you to everyone who attended the Information Overload Day webinar on October 20th,  an event that featured renowned experts with fresh insights and solutions related to Information Overload in the post-COVID Workplace”.

Topics and Presenters included:

  • Welcome to Information Overload Day 2020 – Nathan Zeldes, President, IORG, and Founder, Nathan Zeldes Consulting
  • Information Overload 101 – Jonathan Spira, Vice President, Research, IORG, and Senior Managing Director, Accura Media.  Dr. Spira created Information Overload Day ten years ago to call attention to the issue. In this talk, he explains what Information Overload really is and why we need to continue to call attention to it in order to Lower the Overload.
  • Amusing & Informing Ourselves to Death during COVID Crisis – Edna Pasher, Founding Chair, Israel Smart Cities Institute. Dr. Pasher will discuss the ideas of Prof. Neil Postman and examine the Faustian bargain we have made with technology. The issue, she will point out, is that we have not yet found a way to get around the bargain we have made with our tech. Dr. Pasher will discuss a way forward with ideas on how to Lower the Overload.
  • Information Overload and Working from Home During the Pandemic – Martin Bariff, Treasurer, IORG, Associate Professor of Information Management, Illinois Institute of Technology. Dr. Bariff will look at how the coronavirus pandemic has transformed your discretionary work from home choice into a required mode of performing your work activities. New sources and frequency of unexpected interruptions that increase your information overload, stress and reduce your productivity will be critically examined and Dr. Bariff will provide actionable recommendations to Lower the Overload.
  • Importance versus Urgency in an Age of Information Overload – Michael Hoffman, CEO, LeanMail. Mr. Hoffman will examine the conflict between important and urgent demands and delve into how they are related but far from the same. He will provide multiple recommendations as to how to treat different demands appropriately so as to Lower the Overload.
  • Audience Discussion and Q&A
  • Concluding Remarks – Jonathan Spira

The webinar replay is now available for those of you who were unable to attend, or those that attended and enjoyed it so much you want to see it again!

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