IORG Podcast #2 – Dr. Lawrence Ampofo – Digital Mindfullness Master

In our second IORG Podcast, hear an interview with Dr. Lawrence Ampofo about Digital Mindfullness.

Dr. Lawrence Ampofo – Digital Mindfullness Master

Today we speak to Dr.Lawrence Ampofo.  Lawrence is a digital strategy and foreign policy professional and founder and Director of Digital Mindfulness and Semantica Research with over a decade of experience in several topics that circle around information overload.

We talk of course about digital mindfulness, what it is and why it’s relevant to reduce information overload. We a lot about our relationship with technology and the heavy side effects of being constantly connected. We touch the topic of AI, we talk about the importance of conversation, how to up-skill people to better use the information we have and how education could play an important role in this but it still doesn’t.

Fascinating discussion about even more fascinating topics.

Find Dr.Ampofo on Twitter @digitalmindful or on

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