IORG Video: Why use e-mail?

Tune in to IORGCast #10 as Nathan Zeldes, Lele Terenzani and Luis Suarez challenge the listener to consider “Why use e-mail”?  With almost 20 years of experience in not using email in the workplace, Lele and Luis share their experience on the choices individuals can make by using multiple digital tools that enable more open communication and collaboration across organizations.  Learn why email is where “knowledge goes to die” and how to move away from old ways of working into a more collaborative and effective channel of communication.



  1. Hi Gabriella,

    I am glad you enjoyed the video, and appreciate your comments. I agree that we need to use technology to effectively filter through all the information that is available as too much information can overload our ability to efficiently identify and manage the items needing our attention. I am curious why you almost stopped the video halfway, and if you have any suggestions for future videos and news items. Thanks again for your feedback.

  2. Hi All, I almost stopped halfway, then I checked the last 10 min … fortunately 🙂
    This was actually the part that I was looking forward to hearing about. I have been thinking about, how I could get access to an AI that would be teachable and then able to filter out from millions of notes (mails, slack, box documents, tools) and show humans what the areas are that actually we would have to focus on and target, what risks there are, what decisions are pending. I would be anyway happy to spend the remaining time outdoors hiking 🙂 But on the not so optimistic side, I guess it is not the working hours that would be reduced, but the amount of people employed. My hope is that the time any AI will save will be used to help create less stressful working environments, and will allow even more time for innovation and much less annoying, time-consuming, little value add administrative tasks.
    Thanks for thinking about Information overload. Besides unnecessary manual work due to badly designed or old tooling still hugely present at IBM, info overload in general is also an area worth improving.

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