Mindful or Mind Full ?

More so than usual as we exit 2020 and enter the new year most of us are looking forward to letting go and leaving behind anything that no longer serves our purpose. This may include physical stuff that we clean out of closets and drawers, digital information overload, and the clutter of thoughts stored in our mind. Clutter drains our energy, stifles creativity, and leads to loss of focus and productivity. Now is a good time to purge what you no longer need and only retain the possessions, information and thoughts that serve your purpose, and more importantly bring joy to your life.

I recently realized that my extensive email filing system that I used to sort and store thousands of gigabytes of information a day for future use was an absolute failure. I was letting too much information in and getting lost in the noise from information overload. Following minimalist Joshua Becker’s advice, I realized that the first step in crafting a life that you want is to get rid of everything you do not want. After dramatically downsizing my digital footprint, I turned to Japanese de-clutter expert Marie Kondo and adopted the mantra that going forward I would only bring into my life possessions, information and thoughts that serve my purpose and bring joy to my life. After all, a joyful state of mind is much more attractive and productive than having an overburdened mind that is full of clutter.

Having difficulty letting go? Try playing your favorite feel-good music while you start decluttering and you will be surprised at how quickly you can let go of whatever it is that you were holding on to that no longer serves your purpose.


  1. Another way to deal with digital overload is to set up systems whereby the information is automatically deleted over a period of time (Think GDPR) or more importantly to learn to be more critical about the information you accept into your life. Removing clutter can actually keep you in the game. Like any bad habbit there is the feel good part. Clutter removal can be just that.

    What we have difficulty accepting is the cost of our time because it is slow to make a dent in our wallets. But if we see time as money, then we understand that every email, article, social media post, tweet, all has a cost. Storage is no longer a problem, but time will be one for all our days.

  2. Excellent advice. We are big advocates of Marie Kondo’s philosophy in my home. If it doesn’t spark joy, shed it!

  3. Really good tips Margie! It is easy to see the physical stuff in our landscape, and to figure that it probably can get in our way, but much more difficult to consider the intangible thoughts. I also usually add emotions to that list!
    Best wishes for a clutter-free 2021. 🙂

  4. Not sure how it happens, but, we steadily become “hoarders” of stuff and information that absolutely does not serve us nor bring us joy. This clutter only serves to artificially fill our lives and divert our focus. Great challenge for 2021! De-clutter and find your joy.

  5. Good advice, Margie. Happy new year, let’s hope for a positive 2021!

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