Music – An Antidote for Information Overload ?

I recently completed the Berklee College “Music for Wellness” course on Coursera.  I learned how music can impact your mood, health and well- being. When we listen to music that we enjoy, we impact the brain in a positive way by releasing feel-good neurochemicals like serotonin and dopamine.  Relaxing music can impact the parasympathetic nervous system and allow us to “rest and digest”, de-stress and recuperate.  In the class we created playlists, lists of individual songs to play for various themes such as sleep and relaxation.

A 2018-2019  study, conducted by researchers at the University of California-San Diego believes that on a daily basis people are inundated with the equivalent amount of 34 Gb (gigabytes) of information, a sufficient quantity to overload a laptop within a week

Being bombarded by all that information each and every day can trigger stress, physical pain and cognitive decline. I’m currently working on a new playlist, one I can use as an antodote for Information Overload to help relax my brain, stimulate my parasympathic nervous system and release those feel good neurochemicals.



  1. Great idea with the playlist. Consider using Spotify and making it public, would love to listen to it.

  2. I totally agree, the information we are inundated with, some invited, most unsolicited wracks havoc on our psyche. We need to offset, combat the barrage of digital deluge and soothe our souls with comforting and inspiring music or sounds. Thank you.

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