EOM now recognized by Gmail!

I can’t remember where I heard the EOM technique originally, though I was certainly teaching it widely at Intel as early as 1999, and it was published externally in 2001 as an “Intel Email commandment”. The idea is simple:

When possible, send a message that is only a subject line, so recipients don’t have to open the email to read a single line. End the subject line with < EOM> , the acronym for End of Message.”

I was pleased to read on the Gmail blog (via Lifehacker) that Google have added this as a feature to Google Mail; or rather, they made Gmail recognize it: if you add (EOM) to the end of your subject line, Gmail will skip the usual prompt asking you if you want to send the message without any text in the body.



  1. Funny, I reinvented this (and am the only one, as far as I can tell, in a 75000 people strong organization) by adding NMF at the end of my subjects if ‘No Message Follows” – then in the body of the email I put “no Message Follows” so that the recipient gets it.

  2. …. a other collaborative tool for such kind of message is a Instant Messaging tool like Lotus Sametime. It can be used as in integrated part of different kind of desktop applicationes like MS Office, insight teamspaces, your mail client or in a portal environment.
    The idea behind is to collaborate in context of your work.
    …and sure it helps realy to save a lot of mail traffic !!!!

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