Open Business, a way to communicate better and have more fun in the process

It’s the last day of IORGLiveMonth today, a great experience for me, one month where I could look into Information Overload and having to talk about it connected several dots, opened my mind to some of the little details that matter, some of the little behavioral patterns that we all do and observe, that start in good will but eventually provide more troubles than benefits.

Patterns like using the “reply to all button”, or like checking our phone when we are talking to someone, or like thinking about what we have to say next, rather than listening.

We do a lot by inertia, we go on as we are used to, is it the right thing to do? Of course if we were challenging everything around us, we would just spend time changing, so we need to prioritize where to bing our attention and upgrade step by step. What IORG and IORGLiveMonth tries to say is that it’s worth to dedicate our attention on reducing information overload.

This because communication takes everyday the biggest part of our work in an office and if we are overloaded we work worse than we could, we share worse than we could, we produce less than we could and we might end up just unnecessarily frustrated.

To fight communication inertia we need to challenge the way we do it and a good opportunity to change is given by what I call open business aka “working openly by sharing information on tools and channels that allow open collaboration with your whole organization and team.”


What it takes is:

1 A change of behavior, openly share what we do and what we need instead of doing it only in closed groups (see the beer tale), openly ask and answer, openly comment and contribute to the common knowledge.

2 The knowledge of available tools (many of what are free to be used).

3 The flexibility and willingness to try and challenge your peers in following your lead.

4 Our autopilot switched off as much as possible.


What you will get back?

1 Much more engagement for you and your peers, you will suddenly feel part of a bigger community, you will be more useful, give and get more ideas.

2 Much less time for your work, no more time waste due to miscommunication or over communication.

3 Better collaboration.

4 More knowledge or tools and different practices.

5 Increase of personal branding, due to more reach of your ideas and more options to share good collaboration practices.

6 Reduction of information overload.

7 Fun in the process.


Think about it, after having tried, in the worst case scenario you will have at least passed your message with the same effectiveness as you were doing before trying. So nothing to loose in the process.

Thanks a lot for watching and following and get ready because IORG will start proposing from May several new live events engaging guests and practitioners from all around the world.

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