Overloaded 2017 – Coming soon!

The Information Overload Research Group presents: 

Overloaded 2017

An online event of Science, Stories, and Solutions for Managing Information Overload

When: October 17th, 2017.

Where: Online – details coming soon.

Work is not what it used to be. Between the constant rings and pings of notifications, and the fear of missing out (FOMO) that follows, information overload is threatening our productivity, our state of mind, and our bottom line. What is this all about? And how can businesses change course?

The Information Overload Research Group (IORG) brings you a virtual event where renowned experts and speakers such as Haim SeniorDr. Lawrence Ampofo, and Shawn Banerji will offer fresh insights on the science, stories, and solutions for managing information overload at work.

Anyone working to solve the information overload problem, looking for solutions, or wanting to help shape the discussion is welcome to attend. Whether you are a manager, a researcher, an entrepreneur, or a CEO, this is an event that is good for business.

We already have the 3 great speakers listed above lined up, and a detailed agenda and more information will be released shortly.

About IORG:
IORG is made up of researchers, practitioners and technologists from academia, corporations, solution vendors and consultancies. IORG is dedicated to reducing information overload, a problem that diminishes the productivity and quality of life of knowledge workers worldwide. Our diverse members and single focus provide thought leadership and access to cutting-edge ideas, promote collaboration between industry and academia, and help shape the science of combating information overload.

Please direct any inquiries to president@iorgforum.org for more information.

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