Practical tips for managing email overload

After spending the last few days managing a massive volume of email, I decided to look online for some practical tips that can be practiced to be more efficient and effective in preventing email overload.  The attached article recently published in the AICPA online news provides several practical tips such as :

  • Adopt an email folder system to organize your emails
  • Use filters to automatically file or better yet delete unwanted emails
  • Don’t use emails for conversation, try good old telephone or in person conversations
  • Don’t allow emails to interrupt workflow or other planned activities
  • Avoid “reply to all” when really not required
  • Don’t skim and skip to come back later, handle once
  • Think before you send, is the email important? would you want to receive it?

Read the full article and helpful insights when dealing with a deluge of email at:


  1. Thanks for the suggestions, it is an ongoing issue and good to have some practical advice.

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