Some Amazing Statistics about Online Data Creation and Growth Rates

We all know that there is a HUGE amount of data being created and put online, but many of us fail to grasp the true size, scale and scope of the amount of data that is being created.  Here are some numbers to try to put things in perspective…

Currently, there are 2.5 quintillion bytes of data created each day at our current pace.

What is a “quintillion” you may ask?  (I know that I did!)

  • Well, a million is a 1 followed by 7 zeros..
  • A billion is a 1 followed by 9 zeros
  • A trillion is a 1 followed by 12 zeros.
  • A quadrillion is a 1 followed by 15 zeros.
  • And a quintillion is a 1 followed by 18 zeros…

And in the last two years alone, 90 percent of the data in the world was generated.

Let’s say that once again in case you missed that.

90 Percent of the online data has been created in the past two years!

Here is some more incredible data statistics to try to grapple with:

  • More then 3.7 billion people use the internet.. almost half of the entire world’s population.
  • Half of our web searches are conducted from mobile devices.
  • Google processes 3.5 billion Searches a day, or almost 40,000 searches EVERY SECOND.
  • There are 5 billion Searches performed a day across all the various Search Engines (although Google is the biggest search engine, it isn’t the only one!)

Here is how that breaks down by some of the key “online categories”..

Social Media:

Social Media numbers for things happening EVERY MINUTE of the day:

  • 527,760 photos shared via Snapchat
  • 120 professionals join LinkedIn
  • 4,146,600 users watch YouTube videos  (yes, that is over 4 million videos watched every minute!)
  • 456,000 tweets sent via Twitter
  • 46,740 photos posted by InstaGram users

Some amazing Facebook statistics:

  • Facebook has just over 2 billion active users, or more than a quarter of the world’s 7 billion population!
  • 1.5 billion people are active on Facebook daily
  • Five new Facebook profiles are created every second
  • More than 300 million photos get uploaded to Facebook every day
  • Every minute there are 510,000 comments posted and 293,000 statuses updated

Some equally impressive Instagram Statistics:

  • Instagram has a very solid 600 million users.
  • 400 million Instagrammers are active each day
  • 95 million photos and videos are shared every day on Instagram
  • 100 million people use the Instagram “stories” feature each day


Communication numbers for things happening EVERY MINUTE of the day:

  • We send 16 million text messages
  • 156 million Emails are sent
  • 15,000 GIFs are sent via Facebook messenger
  • There are 130 million spam Emails sent
  • There are 154,200 calls on Skype

The “Internet of Things (IOT)”

Internet Connected devices are growing in their scope and reach, from about 2 billion devices in 2006 to a predicted 200 billion devices by 2020, and many of them “collect” data as they operate. This includes things such as:

Some Internet of Things (IOT) Devices include:

  • Voice Controlled Navigation Systems
  • Smart-Televisions
  • Wearable Technology (e.g: ‘fitness trackers’)
  • Smart Home Control and Security Systems
  • Internet-connected appliances

Just think about the amount of data that you generate each day, and all the ways that data is being collected, analyzed, and actioned.

Almost every interaction we have is being “datafied” in some way through our devices and our interactions with technology.

Some Information Overload Parting Thoughts:

  • Cars tracks our locations, speeds, and driving habits…
  • Social networks track our friendships and profile our personalities…
  • Web browsing tracks our interests, likes, dislikes, and even our future plans…
  • Credit and Debit card purchases track our financial health and our shopping habits…

What can you do about this?  Probably very little..

But it is still important to be aware of how your personal information is being monitored, collected, used, and (very often) sold.

There are some avenues where you have little control, but there are others where you can assert your control, and there are many new laws being put into effect to try to increase your ability to control how your personal data is being used.

The real question will be if the laws can keep-up with the incredible growth rates of these technologies, as the data creation rates and the sheer volume of data being collected each second of every day is truly astounding.



Note:  The above data is from from an article posted on last year, but I just came across it and wanted to share the information since the size and scope of these data rates and growth is just unbelievable.

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