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Why We Don’t Care About Information Overload

Resource Author:  Tom Davenport
Resource Date:  12/8/2009
Resource Name:  Harvard Business Review
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I gave a presentation this week on decision-making, and someone in the audience asked me if I thought information overload was an impediment to effective decision-making. “Information overload…yes, I remember that concept. But no one cares about it anymore,” I replied. In fact, nobody ever did.

But why not? We’ve been reading articles in the press about information overload being the bane of productivity for almost twenty years

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Tackling Information Overload

Resource Author:  Paula Hane
Resource Date:  5/4/2009
Resource Name:  Information Today
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The subject line grabbed my attention-“Information Overload: The Impact on the Organization.”

The thought of spending time listening to the webcast was itself pressure. But I was feeling particularly overloaded that day, so I registered for the free event from the nonprofit group calling itself the Information Overload Research Group (IORG; A key company in the organization is Basex, Inc. (, which describes itself as a “knowledge economy research firm” that serves IT vendors and buyers with an expertise in knowledge worker management and productivity. Here’s the compelling statistic: Basex estimates, based on data it has gathered, that information overload costs the U.S. economy a minimum of $900 billion a year in lost productivity and reduced innovation. That’s a big number.

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Information Overload

Resource Author:  Lauren McKay
Resource Date:  12/1/2009
Resource Name:  DestinationCRM
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Your data is multiplying, your channels are extending, the chatter is never-ending. You’re already having trouble keeping up with the stream of information. What happens when that stream becomes a flood?

Relaxation is a whole lot more intense than it used to be. I realized this one recent lazy Sunday afternoon: Before assuming my position on the couch, I gathered the television remote control, my smartphone, a print magazine, and my laptop. Apparently this form of multitasking isn’t all that uncommon.

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