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Are you looking for a single comprehensive website for Information Overload issues?

Resource Author:  Quizlet
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Are the Information Overload types, sources, remedies a source of Information Overload itself?

This self-test website has a very comprehensive and clear set of answers to the above.

For example does task overload cause IO or the reverse?

Worth viewing this site.

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Information Overload Is Crushing You. Here are 11 Secrets That Will Help.

Resource Author:  Andrew McDermott
Resource Date:  10/30/2017
Resource Name:  Workzone
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Very noteworthy article from Andrew McDermott regarding ways to overcome overload. Great suggestions and guidance that can really make a difference.

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Collaborative Overload

Resource Author:  Rob Cross
Resource Date:  07/01/2016
Resource Name:  stand alone
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Rob Cross offers a good description of collaborative overload (ref link included) and a diagnostic test.

During the 1990’s, organizations shifted from a functional-centric structure to a business process-centric structure. After completing difficult change management actions, benefits were harvested, e.g., reduced cycle time, decreased rework and improved customer satisfaction. Information overload can occur from individual actions during and outside of work as well as team activities. The cited references describe some root causes of collaboration overload and suggests remedies. The benefits from a business process-centric structure can be reduced by collaboration overload. It’s worth reading these materials to achieve your expectations from collaboration benefits. Marty B #IORGforum

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On Analog Social Media

Resource Author:  Prof. Cal Newport
Resource Date:  03/28/2018
Resource Name:  Study Hacks blog
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Excellent article on the benefits of Social Media detox by Prof Cal Newport. Highly recommended read (and advice)!

Since January, I’ve been reading through the hundreds of reports that participants sent me about their experience with the digital declutter. I’ve been learning a lot from these case studies, but I want to focus here on one observation in particular that caught my attention: when freed from standard digital distractions, participants often overhauled their free time in massively positive ways.

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Can Anything be Done about Students Multitasking?

Resource Author:  Maryellen Weimer, PhD
Resource Date:  01/31/2018
Resource Name:  The Teaching Professor Blog
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The amount of multitasking students do during class and while studying is alarming.

Consistently, in response to surveys, more than 85% of students say they have their phones on in class, are looking at texts as they come in and during class, and between 70 and 90% say they respond to texts in class. And this is happening in courses with policies that prohibit or significantly curtail the use of electronic devices.

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Mesmo Consultancy

Resource Author:  Dr. Monica Seeley
Resource Date:  01/01/1989
Resource Name:  Dr. Monica Seeley
URL:   Link to Source Article or Site

The web site of Dr. Monica Seeley, a veteran leader in the fight against email overload.

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Lufthansa Flight Mode App

Resource Name:  Lufthansa
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Just take some downtime now and again and enjoy some undisturbed peace in flight mode even on the ground with the free app. At the same time you won’t just be doing something good for yourself, you’ll also be supporting a help alliance project that enables children in Nepal to attend school regularly again following the devastating earthquake.

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How to think straight in the age of information overload

Resource Author:  Susie East and Ben Tinker
Resource Date:  10/09/2015
Resource Name:  CNN
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Here’s a figure to boggle the mind: we consume about 74 gigabytes — nine DVDs worth — of data every day. It’s amazing we’re able to process and make sense of it all. So how do you think straight in the age of information overload?

“Information overload refers to the notion that we’re trying to take in more than the brain can handle,” says neuroscientist and psychologist Daniel Levitin.

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Email Overload Solutions

Resource Author:  Dr. Michael Einstein
Resource Date:  08/27/2014
Resource Name:  Email Overload Solutions
URL:   Link to Source Article or Site

This site is intended to provide you a variety of resources, information, ideas, and techniques to help you be a more effective and efficient Email practitioner. Learn the tools and techniques to take control of your inbox!

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Tweeting Away Your Vacation

Resource Author:  Jonathan Spira
Resource Date:  08/03/2012
Resource Name:  Overload Stories
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A few years ago, people blogged – sometimes incessantly – about their vacations, typically after the fact. Now, people take their fans and followers along on the journey, a point somewhat driven home by a recent Wall Street Journal piece that focused on how those actively engaged in social media could not – in many cases – take a break.

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